Ford F-750

The Party Just Got Good – Join the Party Bus

Max Seating Capacity





Body Style:Buses
Exterior Color:White
Max. Pass.:50

The ultimate party bus experience in New Jersey and New York with the brand new Ford F-750 Party Bus.

An amazing party bus experience awaits – Enjoy a truly dynamic nightclub party experience on wheels!

Weddings, proms and fun filled weekends just became a lot more exciting thanks to our brand new luxury party bus. Welcome to Bergen Limo, a leader in the region when it comes to state-of-the-art, decked out, comfortable luxury party buses. We set the standard when it comes to taking the party to the road. From hourly bus rentals to memorable proms as well as those who require the best 50 pass luxury party bus for weddings, Bergen Limo offers your the ideal party solution on wheels.

Exclusive party bus rentals with enough capacity to hold 50 people in unsurpassed traveling comfort is always just a call away with the friendly staff of Bergen Limo. Partying in style has never been so easy and so accessible in the New Jersey and New York area. For a truly unique party experience, a decked-out bus is clearly the way to go. Whether for an evening or an entire day or longer, Bergen Limo can assist you in taking your party to an entirely new level of excitement.

A party bus can add a genuinely special touch to any event or party!

The Bergen Limo party bus is by far the transportation option of choice when it comes to party bus rentals in New Jersey and New York. With a professional sound system, laser lights and many other features, this is one bus for those who love to party that will make a lasting impression. Catch a ride on a bus where the fun never ends. Those wishing to make a party truly unique and special routinely turn to Bergen Limo for transportation solutions that are impressive and affordable.

With a luxury interior and cutting edge entertainment equipment, this is a one-of-a-kind bus that can make the difference between an ordinary party or a spectacular event. Homecoming events, weddings, proms and other types of social events are sure to get a genuine boost from an amazing party bus experience. For a ride that will not soon be forgotten, a party-ready bus is a great alternative to other types of transportation. Lots of room, a smooth ride and excellent on-board accommodations make the Bergen Limo party bus the top choice among party planners who expect the best.

Today it is not just celebrities and famous people who can enjoy the luxury of a fun and exciting well-appointed party bus. Thanks to the friendly staff of Bergen Limo your party can now be an experience that is truly over-the-top. Best of all, with a party bus there is no need to wait to arrive at your destination to let the party begin. On board, the party begins the minute the bus starts to move. Transporting guests in a fun and friendly environment will make the party’s arrival destination all the more thrilling. Our 50 pass luxury party bus for weddings, proms, other events as well as hourly rentals is standing by and ready to accommodate you and your guests.

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