Why Hire a Party Bus for a Good Time in New York?

Why Hire A Party Bus In New York
Seen a party bus cruise by or park up and wondered what it’s all about? You’re missing out on a good time in NY if you haven’t had a party on board a party bus yet. Hiring a party bus in NY doesn’t just solve the problems of hitting the city to party, it also goes way beyond this. Read on to find out more.
How To Plan The Perfect Quinceañeras
Accounting for over one fifth of New Jersey’s population, Hispanics have a fabulous tradition in Quinceañeras. This high octane celebration recognizes a girl’s 15th birthday as the time when she comes of age. Often dreamed about since Preschool, we’re seeing increasing popularity for booking a fabulous Quinceañeras to rival any traditional Sweet Sixteen.
10 Ways to Beat the January Blues
With Christmas over, there’s a tendency for the long stretch to Easter to make you feel down in the dumps. The weather isn’t its best, particularly if you’re being pounded with wind off the coast, and it all feels a bit, well, depressing. So what can you do to kick the January Blues to the curb and make it a month to look forward to?
Top 10 Places to Celebrate New Year 2019 In New Jersey
2018 is drawing to an end and we’re excited to start 2019 in style! Why not book your limo and go to one of these incredible New Jersey New Year’s Eve parties for 2019?
Cool Birthday Gifts for Teenage Boys
Teenage boys are often hailed as ‘impossible to buy for’, but we think differently. Cool birthday gifts for teenage boys may take a little more thought, but you can certainly find some awesome and memorable gifts. Here are our 15 favorite birthday gifts for teenage boys:
Treat Your Employees With A Luxury Limo Service
If it’s time to unwind, celebrate an achievement milestone, or simply get the team bonding, why not treat your employees to a casino night with a luxury limousine service? All employees get to relax, and the journey becomes central to the fun. With drinks and entertainment on board, they will feel thoroughly spoilt and definitely like VIPs as they rock up to the casino or racetrack.
Get All Your Daughter's Friends In A Limo For Her Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

The day your daughter turns 16 is one of the most important birthdays of all, and likely the biggest you will have to organise as a parent. Since it is the final party of her childhood, you’ll want to throw the greatest celebration she will ever have.

Although the party will be fun for her, there is the huge workload in arranging it all by you beforehand to ensure it runs smoothly. After the cake, presents, location and invitations have all been dealt with, hiring a pink limousine for her and her friends to arrive in is probably the most important gift you can give your daughter on her 16th birthday.

Treat Your Employees To A Stylish Casino Night Out With A Luxury Limousine Service

Building company moral can be difficult, especially if you’re a small business owner working to a limited budget. The best option in these situations is usually a party, and few soirees are as thrilling as a trip to the casino. Fancy drinks, games that keep you on tenterhooks, big wins and dressing up like you’re James Bond are all a potent mix for employee fun and bonding.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween in New York

Don’t get spooked trying to figure out what to do on Halloween in New York this year – Bergen Limo has you covered. From high-tech terrors and dangerous dinners to child-friendly chills and haunting hikes, our list of top 5 things to do in New York on Halloween will ensure you’re not hanging at a dead end for ideas.  

Have You Tried The Executive Black Cadillac Escalade SUV Chauffeur Service?

Limousines are great for making a grand entrance, whether it be for the purposes of business or partying. It may surprise you to learn however, that if you like things to be a little more reserved, we do actually offer an alternative form of transport.

If you want the luxury limousine executive chauffeur service without the stretched car, then why not consider a fourth generation Black Cadillac Escalade SUV.

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