A Parent’s Checklist for Prom Planning

Getting Ahead of the Prom Season Rush with Bergen Limo: A Parent’s Checklist for Prom Planning

It’s not unusual for parents to get just as excited about their children’s prom night as the kids themselves. Your job is to make sure they can have all the fun they want, but responsibly. The key is to organize it alongside them, making sure they make sensible decisions and haven’t forgotten anything.

Hiring a pink limo is the one thing every Mexican parent has to go all out on to celebrate their daughter’s Quinceanera. Part of every 15-year-old girl’s dream party, it is the one aspect of the event you can guarantee will be a success.

For many of us getting married is the most important day of our lives. Although there is a multitude of things to arrange for the big day, assembling the bridal party is certainly up there among the most important tasks. Largely dictated by family ties, the people you choose to be part of the organizing group will also be the ones delivering emotional support as you walk down the aisle.

Few things can top the excitement of your wedding day or the magical frisson of when you first got together with that special someone. Going for a movie and a meal at your local restaurant again for your anniversary, no matter how well-intentioned, is never really going to rekindle any of those landmark relationship feelings. In order to truly celebrate your life together, you need an environment that can match the grandiose scale and passion of your initial spark. 

Contrary to being a big, bombastic extravaganza, gazing in wonder at a lit Christmas tree is where many of us find the intimate wonder and magic of the Yuletide season.

We all know that the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree is not only the most magnificent Christmas tree in New York, but probably the world. Over 125 million people will likely come to stare in amazement at the 75 foot Norwegian Spruce being displayed at the plaza between West 48th and 51st Streets until the 7th of January.

Only Got 48 Hours In NYC? Then Go The Extra Mile In A Bergen Limo
Having to cope with all the stresses and hassle it entails, the week essentially belongs to the office. The weekend however, is all yours, a time to relax and enjoy life. Many of us like to own our weekends by getting away with our partners on short breaks. One of the most popular destinations in the world is New York City, a busy metropolis with a population density in excess of 8 million inhabitants.
Party Bus Rental In New Jersey
Even for the least festive of people, Christmas parties can be a welcome release. You’ve just finished rushing through a load of jobs at work to meet the holiday deadlines, you’ve survived the chaos of shopping in order to get gifts for everyone, and the prospect of cooking a huge meal on Christmas day is looming over you. Although partying may be the last thing you have time for right now, it’s also the best opportunity for fun you need in order to recharge your ‘jolly’ batteries for the following year.
Renting A Limo For Halloween
It’s the spookiest time of the year and we’re all set up to have a ghoulishly delightful time with you. We get booked up fast for Halloween, so make sure you get in touch to book your transport today on 1-201-703-7979.Here are our top suggestions for renting a limo for Halloween and all the scarily awesome fun you can have.
It’s certainly a treat to arrive in style by limo for your flight, and a nice welcome touch for your onward journey. However, it’s not just about treating yourself to an airport limo, at Bergen Limos we believe that airport limos offer the best in convenience, comfort, safety, and cost when it comes to your transport to and from Newark, Teteboro, LaGuardia, and JFK.

New Jersey may be one of the smallest of the US states, but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to awesome tourist attractions. Here are our Top 10 tourist attractions in New Jersey which you should get out and explore:

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