Treat Your Employees to a Casino Night with a Luxury Limousine Service

Treat Your Employees With A Luxury Limo Service
If it’s time to unwind, celebrate an achievement milestone, or simply get the team bonding, why not treat your employees to a casino night with a luxury limousine service? All employees get to relax, and the journey becomes central to the fun. With drinks and entertainment on board, they will feel thoroughly spoilt and definitely like VIPs as they rock up to the casino or racetrack.

The day your daughter turns 16 is one of the most important birthdays of all, and likely the biggest you will have to organise as a parent. Since it is the final party of her childhood, you’ll want to throw the greatest celebration she will ever have.

Although the party will be fun for her, there is the huge workload in arranging it all by you beforehand to ensure it runs smoothly. After the cake, presents, location and invitations have all been dealt with, hiring a pink limousine for her and her friends to arrive in is probably the most important gift you can give your daughter on her 16th birthday.

Building company moral can be difficult, especially if you’re a small business owner working to a limited budget. The best option in these situations is usually a party, and few soirees are as thrilling as a trip to the casino. Fancy drinks, games that keep you on tenterhooks, big wins and dressing up like you’re James Bond are all a potent mix for employee fun and bonding.

Don’t get spooked trying to figure out what to do on Halloween in New York this year – Bergen Limo has you covered. From high-tech terrors and dangerous dinners to child-friendly chills and haunting hikes, our list of top 5 things to do in New York on Halloween will ensure you’re not hanging at a dead end for ideas.  

Limousines are great for making a grand entrance, whether it be for the purposes of business or partying. It may surprise you to learn however, that if you like things to be a little more reserved, we do actually offer an alternative form of transport.

If you want the luxury limousine executive chauffeur service without the stretched car, then why not consider a fourth generation Black Cadillac Escalade SUV.

Give Your Vacation the Deluxe Feel When You Land at Atlantic City International
We all need a little excitement in our lives from time to time, and there can be few better ways to do so than with a short break at one of the country’s most popular hubs for live entertainment, nightlife, casinos, designer shopping and a fabulous boardwalk.
Use Bergen Limo For Your Ride To The Hamptons
Located on Long Island’s South Fork, the sprinkling of seaside communities collectively known as the Hamptons has long been a favorite summer residency destination for New York’s most affluent inhabitants. With such welcoming farmland scenery, stunning beaches and interesting historic architecture on offer, is there any wonder why?
Backpacking Across Europe? Leave In Style With A Luxury JFK Airport Limo Service
The time has finally arrived. After months of planning, at long last you’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, backpacking across Europe. You’ve had to organize the entire trip, save up money, develop a budget, build a schedule, find just the right backpack, work out what clothes and gear to take, sort out accommodation, apply for travel insurance, read up on city guides, get the best deals on airfare, compile a ‘must see’ list and acquire the correct smartphone contract.  Consequently, now you’re going to be spending the following months roughing it from hostels to Airbnbs and couches, all while keeping spending to a minimum.
Best Places To Host Your Wedding In New Jersey
The most important day of your life is fast approaching, and you have yet to find that perfect waterfront venue to host it. Taking into consideration the location, décor, and facilities of many establishments in the state, Bergen Limo has listed five of our favorite venues for a beach wedding in New Jersey.
Use A Limo For Your Bachelor Party

Time to face up to it, your best buddy’s life is about to change dramatically and he needs you to help him make the transition.

If he were moving away then you could simply go around to his place for a few last drinks, perhaps engage in an inebriated manly hug at the end of the night, and leave after a fond farewell handshake.

When he’s getting married though? It’s customary to throw him the biggest, most badass celebration on the planet in a party bus New York could offer, a night he’s going to remember (or perhaps not remember) as the most epic party he ever attended.

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