Lincoln Navigator-Sliver

Silver Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limo

Max Seating Capacity





Body Style:SUVs
Exterior Color:Silver
Max. Pass.:16

Do you have an event that requires arrival in style? Perhaps you have someplace to go and want to travel with supreme comfort. Whatever your travel needs may be, the Silver Lincoln Navigator Stretch limousine can offer you the best ride possible. With a mix of classic styling and the latest in safety, comfort, and innovation this limousine is a ride like no other.

A Mix Of Classic Styling And The Latest Innovations in the Limousine World

If there is a classic color for the limousine, it is definitely silver. This color has been associated with the most luxurious vehicles for decades. This silver limousine offers that touch of the classic but still includes all of the latest in limousine innovations. Being a Lincoln Navigator, it offers the best in safety that you would want for your travels. As a stretch utility vehicle, it has all the room you need for maximum comfort and storage. And with room for 14-16 passengers, it is about as large as you could possibly need.

Every part of this limousine simply exudes class and comfort. As you enter the Silver Lincoln Navigator Stretch limousine you will immediately notice that every inch of it has that look and feel of luxury and custom finish. From the world class level of lighting, sound system, and overall fit and finish you will see that no attention to detail has been spared. You will also get the personal attention from a uniformed Chauffeur that you deserve.

Perfect For Local Or Long Distance Travels

Whether you need luxury for a local or a longer distance ride, this is a great fit for larger group needs. We can service the NY, NJ, CT, and Pennsylvania areas. If your event is a wedding, graduation, party, corporate event, or anything else you can travel in comfort and arrive in style. Contact us now for more information.