A Wedding Limo Is the Only Way for Your Bridal Party to Travel

For many of us getting married is the most important day of our lives. Although there is a multitude of things to arrange for the big day, assembling the bridal party is certainly up there among the most important tasks. Largely dictated by family ties, the people you choose to be part of the organizing group will also be the ones delivering emotional support as you walk down the aisle.

A Wedding Limo Is the Only Way for Your Bridal Party to Travel

On your big day, why not treat your bridal party to a luxury wedding limo service in New Jersey or New York.

While their tasks may be numerous and varied, keep in mind that those planning your wedding are not simply hired hands, but loved ones working hard to make your wedding day the best it can be. After all the chaos and drama of the months leading up to the event, why not reward them by making sure that they, too, arrive at the church in style?

The Bridal Party includes:

The Maid of Honor

With a reputation for being bossy, the Maid of Honor is essentially the head bridesmaid and is responsible for keeping all those ‘subservient’ to her in check. She is the one that lends an ear to the bride in times of crisis and will calm her down when panic sets in.

A busy woman, she may also find herself planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party, making a toast, adding her name as a witness to the marriage license and helping the bride get dressed.


A minion of the Maid of Honor, with duties primarily to assist her in planning the wedding. Responsibilities typically include helping the bride shop for a dress, giving opinions on music, decorations and favors, directing guests during the wedding reception, making people feel welcome, encourage dancing, and even cleaning up afterward. They are also often expected to contribute financially to the bachelorette party or any post-wedding brunch.

The Best Man / Groomsman

Although there are sometimes several of them, most small weddings have a single groomsman, which is The Best Man. Essentially the groom’s equivalent of the Maid of Honor, he is responsible for planning the bachelor party, enlisting the bridesmaids to decorate the ‘Just Married’ car with him, organizing the ushers, helping dress the groom, dancing with any single female guests and holding the wedding ring during the ceremony. Groomsmen are expected to pay towards the bachelor party and any hotel costs, so it can be a financially demanding role.

Other members of the bridal party cavalcade usually include ushers, the parents of the bride and groom, grandparents, the wedding officiant, flower girl, ring bearer, and pages.

With so many duties and responsibilities to their name, nothing expresses how thankful you are to these people, or how much their contribution means to you than gifting them the excitement of arriving at the wedding in luxury and style. Having your bridal party arrive in a wedding limo lets them start the celebration early, and says that you appreciate the effort and hard work they have put in to making your day a special one.

Besides, a wedding limo service is a great way to keep track of everyone and ensure that they arrive at the venue on time!

With a Bergen Limo rental, the big day doesn’t have to start at the destination, it can be part of the journey. Make it happen today by calling us on 1-201-703-7979 to secure your booking.

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