Whatever the event, there’s the perfect limousine to complement the occasion

There are a number of very special times in your life which really should be celebrated in style. Weddings, birthdays, proms or a bachelorette party, it’s all about creating fantastic memories in as spectacular way as you can.

One way to really remember the day is to hire a limousine and choosing a vehicle to match the event means you’ll have luxury transport with plenty of room for everyone as well as a head-turning way to travel.

When romance is in the air




For a Valentine’s Day surprise or a wedding, it has to be an elegant vintage classic car designed to sweep the passengers along with grace and style. For a vehicle which personifies grace and is traditional yet has a unique air about it, the 1956 Excalibur is the obvious choice. Fitted with a high quality leather interior which is intimate yet has plenty of leg room for a couple to fully relax or a bride to ride in comfort, it’s the top choice for anyone with love on their mind.


A birthday to remember


Whether it’s a night out on the town, a day visiting local landmarks or a party with friends and family, hiring a limousine really is the icing on the cake. It means there’s no need for a designated driver or the hassle of finding a string of taxis at the end of the night. Everyone can travel together and every time you arrive at your next destination, you’ll feel a million dollars as you experience the red carpet treatment only a limousine attracts.




For groups of up to 10 then a Ford Expedition is perfect. Your professional chauffeur would have your itinerary so all you would need to do is enjoy yourself at each place you decide to visit. For larger groups, the Hummer H2 limo really would show you’ve arrived and if you really want to make a statement then the pink version is a real show-stopper.


Important times in your life


Attending your prom and heading out for your bachelorette party are important life stage occasions. Both mean a huge party to celebrate and both are the perfect time to gather all those friends who have the most meaning in your life.

Only the biggest and best will do when it’s the time to bond with those who have been there during your life and it’s also about traveling in a way that everyone knows that you’re out to have a great time.




With this in mind, limousine transport which can give a party feel from the minute you step aboard is crucial and a party bus is the ultimate way to achieve this. Even if you’ve had a ride in a party bus in the past however, you’ll have a completely new experience with the incredible 50 passenger Ford F-750 now available. A nightclub on wheels, it is sparkling white and ready to take you wherever you want to go with the top digital music and light show technology available on the market. If you decide to hire for your bachelorette night, why not carry on the theme and book again to transport all your guests together to the ceremony and the reception when your wedding day comes; this means that everyone will have a memory they can take away with them which joins them as a group as well as being an individual, exciting experience.

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