The 10 Best Places to Get the Party Started in NY and NJ in a Limo

Planning a big night in or across New York or New Jersey? Then check out the following bars, lounges and assorted eateries below in your nj limo and you’ll be sure to find one that will act as the perfect jump off point for an epic evening of ultimate enjoyment.

Booker and Dax

Anyone can mix a drink but it takes truly artistic scientist/wizard to even imagine creating one using a laboratory centrifuge, a flask of liquid nitrogen, and a tiny flamethrower.  Found in NYC’s East Village, this highly technical bar uses just such unusual apparatus in its unending quest to bring you the most considered, precise, delicious, and often pretty strong cocktails, and its bar staff are fascinating to watch in action.


Havana Rum Room

Featuring quite possibly the finest mojitos available outside of Cuba and a fierce selection of other cocktails, craft beers, truly magnificent tapas food, sweet DJ sounds, and bustling with personality, this bar brings a big city yet chilled vibe to North Bergen in superb style. Looking for a cold refreshing Bud? Then you really should check out another establishment in your NJ limo. HavanaRoom

Employees Only

Hidden secretly away behind a tarot card reader on Hudson Street, NYC, this classy joint is rich in prohibition-era atmosphere and does a fair impression of a 1920’s speakeasy. That doesn’t mean you should only visit for the sublime drinks and elegant setting, its inspirational food menu also offers exceptional quality and refinement, and so if your evening needs that extra special touch then you’d be advised to mark this place on your map. For an even more glamorous experience, why not arrive by a limousine rental service in NJ?


Utopia Lounge

Heavily stylized in red and black, but in no way overly moody, and found almost hidden away in Clifton, NJ, this lounge bar has a cool and relaxed atmosphere that isn’t afraid to get incredibly loud. Always featuring new promoters and fresh DJs, it runs special LGBT nights on Thursdays and Sundays, straight nights on Friday’s and Saturday’s, but all are welcome at any time to enjoy an unbeatable friendly and effortlessly exciting atmosphere.

Utopia Lounge


Its name makes sense once you understand that Shaun Mehtani opened this exquisite Morristown, NJ, bar and lounge on his 23rd birthday, having tasted a grilled pineapple and cracked pepper martini in Australia the year before. He was so impressed with what he had encountered that he dedicated to life to the fine art of such unique mixology, and so if your evening thirsts for unique and flavorsome cocktails then you really do need to experience SM23’s wonders for yourself.


Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

If you’re looking to give a big night a delicate dash of laid-back elegance then this small but perfectly formed NYC hangout is near perfect. Serving from a full cellar of the finest of wines as well as an incomparably stocked bar, it’s the place to stop by if you just fancy a dessert and even better if you stay longer and delight in its fuller, richer tapas menu, and excellent selection of drinks. Stop by in your NJ limo rental.


The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog

This two-story celebration of Old New York and Irish-America hospitality was voted the Best Bar in North America in 2013 and 2014, and rightly so. Serving 72 historically-accurate 19th century cocktails, bottled punch, craft beer, and whiskey from all around the world, it provides a modern take on a traditional setting, is renowned for its drink selection, will wrap you in a relaxed and convivial environment, and is a fantastic place to go before you start on a greater adventure.


Bemelmans Bar

Anyone looking for a deeply relaxed beginning to an evening in the city couldn’t ask for a finer destination than this sophisticated piano bar that’s found within the Upper East Side’s Carlyle Hotel, and only lit by candlelight. It attracts New Yorkers of all walks of life looking for soothing live jazz music and an evocative, warm and romantic atmosphere, and is absolutely ideal for those searching for calm before they head out for big city noise and excitement.



Imagine a classic videogame arcade equipped with around 50 machines, and then combine that with a bar that serves a mouthwatering selection of draft beers from local and regional American microbreweries. Jersey City’s Barcade is more than just the sum of its parts, of course, and offers superb service, excellent value for money, and could well act as the perfect venue from which to plan a great evening out – especially if you’re old school.


169 Bar

Proclaiming to be one of the last, oldest and original bars, in one of the last ‘hoods’ in Manhattan, this obscure East Broadway hangout still has strong echoes of New York of the 1970s and so a style and attitude you’ll rarely find anywhere else in the city. As a consequence passing through its doors isn’t unlike travelling back in time, which makes it a fascinating place to begin a night before exploring the city and enjoying more contemporary surroundings.


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