Limousine Accessories

Hiring a limousine is a way to really make a statement that you’ve arrived. Whether it’s for your wedding, transfer to or from the airport, or for a prom arrival with your best friends, choosing a limousine as your transport really does give you the feeling of being a Hollywood A-list celebrity. The exterior of any limousine has a real look of glamor and style, whether you choose a traditional Cadillac, the head turning Hummer or the ultimate vehicle for you and all your friends – the Party Bus. Once you step on board though, you’ll be even more astounded at the array of amazing accessories limousines are now fully equipped with and you’ll be holding a party inside from the minute the doors close.

Sound systems

Talk to your limousine hire company about the music you want to hear whilst you cruise around the city as you’ll have state of the art sound systems with a CD and MP3 player ready for all your favorite tracks as well as amazing speakers to get everyone moving. With many limousines, you’ll find that the woofers are installed in the front doors along with midrange units. They’ll be cleverly housed to save space with anything up to 1200 watts of power. If you’re fortunate enough to have a music system with a digital processor installed, you’ll be able to take control of the mixing of the sound and some limousines will even come equipped with cinematic movie sound to make watching your favourite music videos even more of a unique experience.  Everyone in the limousine will be able to customize their listening choices with state of the art audio technology.

Light shows

You’ve got the glamor of the sweeping arrival and the party music to keep you singing as you move from destination to destination so adding the breath taking addition of a light show will really give your on-board experience the ‘wow’ factor. Take a vehicle such as a Party Bus and it’s going to be filled with an array of LED lights which will give a multi-color nightclub sensation to your journey – whether you’re traveling during the day or night. Combine the pulsing beat of your music in time with the neon lights and your guests won’t ever want to step out of the doors.

On-board bar

If you’re looking for a stately and relaxing ride in your limousine – to and from your wedding ceremony perhaps – you’ll be able to enjoy the availability of an on-board bar in the majority of limousines available to hire. At the very least you’ll have champagne flutes and an ice bucket available and many models have fridges or ice machines. With the larger vehicles you’ll even be provided with a member of staff who is your personal bartender for the journey. This means you can sip your bubbly in style as you glide along enjoying the best day of your life and be part of the classic feel of a limousine such as a vintage 1956 Excalibur complete with stunning chrome trim and timeless quality interior.

Arrive in style

If your ultimate desire is to really make an entrance when you hire a limousine, ask for the red carpet treatment – literally. If you want to walk from your vehicle to the door of your prom, glide in your wedding dress to the front of the church or simply enter a nightclub like a VIP, red carpet can be provided for the ultimate show of glamor. When you hire a limousine, you’re hiring a package of dreams so ensure you have all the accessories you want to give a lifetime of memories to not only yourself but everyone else who is traveling with you.

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