Fun Facts About Limousines – Infographic

Limousines are the height of luxury when it comes to vehicle transport. They exude class and are guaranteed to turn heads wherever they are seen due to their sizable presence within a crowd. Limousines now though are accessible to all and are as likely to be being used by a group of friends travelling to their prom as they are a Hollywood A-lister being chauffeured to the Oscars. Whilst at one time a limousine meant only one thing; upper class style, they are now also transport for people who like to party. Hire a limousine and you can have it complete with a full leather interior and champagne on ice for the ultimate in understated glamour, or you can ask for your vehicle for the night to be equipped with sound system, light show and even a staffed bar – it’s your call. We have compiled a fun infographic which includes some entertaining and unbelievable facts! Fun Facts About Limousines Infographic


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