Cool Birthday Gifts for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys are often hailed as ‘impossible to buy for’, but we think differently. Cool birthday gifts for teenage boys may take a little more thought, but you can certainly find some awesome and memorable gifts. Here are our 15 favorite birthday gifts for teenage boys:

Cool Birthday Gifts for Teenage Boys

  1. Gaming Chair

Being able to kick back (literally) and be comfy whilst engaging in their favorite games is pretty cool. It also suddenly transforms their bedroom in to a den and not a little boy’s room. What’s more, you’ll know that at least they are ergonomically supported for all those hours they put in on the screens.

  1. Gaming headset

Staying on the gaming theme, we need to realize that online gaming is often how our teen boys socialize. Giving them a gaming headset means you know they can connect with their mates through their most comfortable forum: games.

  1. Adventure experiences

Get them out and about, doing something active, and boost their ability to take calculated risks and get the adrenalin pumping in a safe way. Adventure high ropes experiences see teens tackle challenges. Zip lining is a popular thrill. Climbing, Segway, whatever floats their boat, get them booked up.

  1. Themed hoodie

Chilling out and just being a teenage boy requires some uniform in the shape of a hoodie. Plus you can guarantee they’ve grown at least 3 inches since their last birthday. Buy them a hoodie, with their favorite video game or TV character, and you’ll be the best thing ever.

  1. Limo ride

It’s a while till graduation, yet a limo ride is awesome for all ages. Teen boys love the cool factor of a limo ride with their mates. Simply book up to cruise the streets of New Jersey, safely, perhaps with some pizzas and sodas. Or book a limo to take them to a show, an event, or an IMAX showing. Book your safe teen limo ride here.

  1. Novelty USB sticks

Whether for school work or home ‘stuff’, teens need USB sticks. Make this dull necessity cool by choosing a novelty version. You can find them themed as burgers, cola cans, M&M characters, cameras, superheroes and more.

  1. Bluetooth speakers

To be honest, it doesn’t matter what tech wizardry you buy, teen boys will love it. However, if you’re not sure what to get, opt for some Bluetooth speakers. This way they can connect their tunes up wherever and whenever, nice and simply.

  1. Escape room at home

If you want to get them off screens but still engaged in something they’ll love, buy them an escape room at home game. Solving riddles to undo virtual locks, with various tricks and twists, is great fun. If you haven’t done one before, this is a great starting one. Just bear in mind they are single-use, so it’s a one hit wonder, but they are fantastic fun.

  1. Multi-tool or penknife

If your teen is savvy with their hands, or loves the outdoorsy life, then it’s time to get them a new multi-tool or penknife. They’ll feel that they are really coming of age.

  1. Drone

Drones are not necessarily as expensive as you fear, but you’ll be considered seriously cool if you buy a teen boy a drone for their birthday. You can get small ones or more complex ones to suit your budget. It’s also another way to get them off the screens and out in the fresh air.

  1. Waterproof watch

Teens are at the stage where they are now moving to adult size watches. What’s more, they probably need an upgrade on their kiddie watch to be cool. Get a waterproof watch that makes them feel grown up.

  1. Cake in a Mug

One thing is for sure with teen boys, they are always hungry. Put them in control by buying them a cake in a mug. The recipe is on the side, and they can easily whisk themselves up a delicious snack which also serves as cool comfort food.

  1. Designer toiletries

You may struggle to keep up with the demand for various designer clothes, but one way you can play to the designer ‘needs’ is to buy them more affordable designer toiletries. Sports and clothing brands frequently have cool male toiletries. Who knows, it may mean you don’t have to bribe them to take a shower…

  1. Fifty Outrageous Scams and Hustles

Fifty Outrageous Scams and Hustles is a magic set for the big kids. There’s nothing childish about it, but they will be able to master these tricks and amaze family and friends. It’ll give them the confidence to break the ice in all sorts of settings.

  1. Street Balls by Waboba

They may be too cool for the school yard ball games of elementary and middle school, but give a teen a Waboba Street Ball and they are suddenly active and playing with their mates again. They look ace, are the latest in fidget toy mania, and active fun too.

See? Buying for a teen boy’s birthday needn’t be daunting. Take your pick and make their next birthday one to really remember.

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