The complete guide to the party bus

We love nothing more than a good party and that is why we have 2 super-size party buses available. There are certain aspects of a party which make it a party, whether that is on a party bus or in a static venue. So to give you an insight into what makes our party bus rental service so special we have our complete guide to the party bus.

For party bus rental NJ, we are absolutely the right place to go to. We have been in the industry for years now and to add to our existing fleet of limousine rentals we now have the Ford F750 and the Hummer Transformer available to hire to give a party to remember.




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Lighting is an extremely important aspect of any party. It is what creates the atmosphere to really get a party in the right mood. Using fiber optics throughout the length of our party buses we can change the color to create the mood required, whether it be the sedate ride home from a prom or the journey to the ultimate night out.


Music system


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Both of our party bus rentals are kitted out with state of the art sound systems that can play your favorite tunes. Speakers are fitted throughout the party bus to ensure that there is no drop in sound or quality from the front to the rear, giving every passengers the same experience wherever they are sat.


Flat-Screen TV’s


Another aspect of our party buses is the flat-screen TV’s that they are kitted out with. With a large screen to the front and carefully placed smaller TV’s fitted to the full length of the bus, passengers can choose to either watch a film of have their favorite music videos playing for the whole journey.


Size does matter


One thing that we pride ourselves in is that we have 2 of the biggest party bus rentals in NJ. With the Ford F750 carrying up to 50 passengers and the Hummer Transformer being able to take up to 30 passengers, it means that we can cater to even the largest of parties. This is ideal for when transporting full wedding parties around, as it means that guests can start the party from the moment they set off. From a safety aspect as well, this also means that passengers get a safe ride home from our experience and licenced drivers.




Our party bus rentals have been designed with comfort at the forefront of our minds when creating these beauties. Passengers are treated to luxurious seating with beautifully upholstered sofa style chairs. Lighting to the floor not only helps create the right atmosphere but also adds extra safety as passengers can see where they are walking when getting on or off the bus or when moving around.




Our main priority is giving passengers an experience that they may never have again so fun is an important aspect of this. Our Hummer Transformer has an open decked area which is great for when parked up. Several poles have also been fitted to the interior to create a true sense of fun and further add to the experience that a party bus rental can create.

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us to make your special night one to remember.

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