Why you should enjoy a Limo ride in New Jersey or New York this year!

Want to truly travel in style? Then you should book a limo ride in New Jersey or New York this year! Whether you want a taste of the high life, or to have a fun night with friends, party bus rental New Jersey or New York will make sure you have a journey you will never forgot. 


One of the most exciting nights of the year, New Year’s Eve is a time for partying and enjoying time with friends. It’s often a time when you get to see friends and loved ones who are not around for the rest of the year, which makes it even more special. One of the only problems with this great night out is the cost of transport. In New Jersey, the whole town will come out to party, and waiting for a ride in the cold is not fun.

What if you could hire a luxurious, head-turning party bus so all your crowd can get to your destination in style? At Bergen Limo, we specialize in spectacular party buses that will see you make an entrance like no other, and at affordable rates. We operate in New Jersey and New York, and we remain proud of a reputation for excellent service and attention to detail.

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New Year’s Eve in New Jersey is a spectacular night. Parties are everywhere, revelers take to the streets to welcome in the New Year, making for an exciting and enjoyable time for everyone. If you are going to a party – and this is the night to get your dancing shoes on and have a ball – you will most likely take a cab. Driving is not a choice of you want a drink, and it can be expensive to book a ride on this unique night of the year.

The Ultimate Guide to Party Buses

An introduction to Party Buses

If you’re looking to add a new, memorable and exciting dimension to your prom, wedding, birthday or other special event, hiring a party bus in New Jersey or New York is the perfect way to take you and your guests, where you need to be in style!

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We all know the benefits of team building exercises with the running of a business but we have a new idea that could revolutionize the way that corporate events are held. Now don’t be put off by our use of the term ‘party bus’, these versatile and unique buses can provide the ultimate corporate event transport for a lot less than think.

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Over the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the demands of our customers – This, for a limousine rental company like us, is a good thing! Customers want bigger, they want better and they want an experience that they will remember for years. This is where our party bus rentals come into their own.

Prom night is always a special night. School is so much like hard work at times, team this is endless exams and assignments and it can just seem like it is all work and no play. What happened to being a kid and chilling in the park during the holidays or lazing around the pool with a bunch of mates? After all that hard work you deserve a night to let down your hair and enjoy prom night for what it actually is. An excuse to get dressed up and party. Maybe you have a date? Maybe all of your friends have a date? What better way to arrive in style in one of our NJ party buses?.

Our party buses are perfect for arriving in a memorable fashion to your high school prom. They are fully kitted out in some of the coolest gear to really start prom night off with a bang. Now [...]

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The party bus is a completely new concept, something that seems quite bizarre on paper. This brand new and innovative idea is set to change the way that people travel and party. There is something quite appealing about watching the world go by through tinted windows, watching people gasp in awe as our NJ party buses push on through the blocks of cities. You can almost hear the whispers of onlookers. “Who are they?”, “Maybe it’s a celebrity?” Nope. It’s just you and a bunch of your friends living the celebrity lifestyle for one night. So what makes our party buses so special? Absolutely everything! From our service to the kit that is in these unique buses, everything has been thought of for your absolute comfort so sit back, enjoy the ride and be a celebrity for one night.

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We love nothing more than a good party and that is why we have 2 super-size party buses available. There are certain aspects of a party which make it a party, whether that is on a party bus or in a static venue. So to give you an insight into what makes our party bus rental service so special we have our complete guide to the party bus.

For party bus rental NJ, we are absolutely the right place to go to. We have been in the industry for years now and to add to our existing fleet of limousine rentals we now have the Ford F750 and the Hummer Transformer available to hire to give a party to remember.

Based upon basic working vehicles our NJ party bus rentals started their lives as very humble and hard-working machines. With the Hummer being primarily a military vehicle and the Ford F750 used by famers, these 2 super-size buses have come a long way from what most traditionalists would have originally viewed them as. Lets look at the history of these beautiful machines and how they came about to be party bus rentals. Both of our NJ party bus have been kitted out with state of the art sound systems, super comfortable seating and some awesome features to make them the ultimate NJ party bus rentals.

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