Girls Night Out Limo

Girls Night Out Limousine Services NJ

When you’re looking for the ultimate in stylish party transport, Bergen Limousine offers the services you’ve been looking for – Bachelorette Parties and our Girls Night Out Limo Services.

We cater for all special events and we also take care of your comfort and party requests when girls want to have a great night out. An important part of the service we offer is to let you have all the fun whilst our professional chauffeur transports you and your guests to any destination point.

When heading out for a bachelorette party, you’ll want the head-turning luxury of transport which will make you feel like a red carpet Hollywood star when you step out at restaurants, bars or clubs. As the center of attention before your wedding day, you deserve the very best of everything and naturally a limousine is the only way to celebrate.

Deciding to celebrate the unique bond of friendship girls have by booking a meal in your favorite restaurant, a night at the theater or dancing until the early hours, you’ll need transport which is spacious enough for everyone to start and end their day or night together. Choose a vehicle which is equipped with everything you need for an on board party and you won’t need to arrange a fleet of taxis or have to wait whilst everyone travels from location to location.

When you choose the Girls Night out Limo Bachelorette Party Package, you will receive:
» Affordable limousine service
» Reliable ground limousine rental packages
» Competitive rates
» VIP treatment
» Complimentary beverages
» A great girls night out time

Ask about our combination of wedding rental and night out service to receive additional discounts.
Bergen Limo brings a new meaning to bachelorette rentals as we offer a large selection of different color limos to really personalize the experience; white, pink, black, yellow and silver.

We have been operating in the New Jersey, NY, CT and PA areas since 1994 and offer the best limousine parties and girls night out services. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest luxury amenities to ensure a great time is had by all.

Our luxury limousines will add an extra special touch to your celebration; call now and talk to us about the bachelorette or girls night out limo of your dreams.

Available to service your party 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we will require a deposit at the time of booking; after that you can relax knowing your transport is taken care of and you can plan the rest of your memorable occasion to come.

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