A Parent’s Checklist for Prom Planning

A Parent’s Checklist for Prom Planning
Getting Ahead of the Prom Season Rush with Bergen Limo: A Parent’s Checklist for Prom Planning

It’s not unusual for parents to get just as excited about their children’s prom night as the kids themselves. Your job is to make sure they can have all the fun they want, but responsibly. The key is to organize it alongside them, making sure they make sensible decisions and haven’t forgotten anything.

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Your prom is the biggest day in your life aside from your wedding day. It’s one of those events which you will look back on and either fondly remember or rue the missed opportunities. We don’t want you to miss out on anything on your prom, so here’s our guide to preparing for your prom and having a memorable night.

It's Never Too Early to Plan Your Prom

Your prom later this year may feel as if it’s still a lifetime away with it currently being the depths of winter. There may still be a few months before you have the opportunity to dress up and let your hair down with those in your school year, but now is the time to start thinking about – and booking certain elements of the occasion such as how much you are going to spend, what you want to wear and how you’re going to turn heads by arriving in the ultimate luxury transport.

Which limousine to hire for a prom

Planning a prom is incredibly exciting and even more so if you’re either arriving with the person of your dreams or are instead stepping down the red carpet to the venue doors with a group of friends you’ve known all your life. The only way to arrive at a prom is in a limousine but there are a number of styles to choose from and it’s worth thinking about the kind of vehicle which best suits your situation. You’ll want to arrive ready to party as well as feel like a million dollars.

Arriving at your prom is a moment to shine, look glamorous and to turn heads – for all the right reasons. Part of the overall excitement of the prom is reaching your location in style and stepping out of a luxury vehicle where you’ve traveled in comfort either on your own, with your date or with friends.

Graduation is most certainly about celebration, but it’s also about the culmination of long years of hard work and sacrifice and taking part in a ritual that testifies to self-improvement through education and dedication. It’s not quite a party, then, and so needs to be approached slightly differently.

Top tips to consider when going to your prom on a budgetProm day

Going to your prom is one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s full of glamour and the chance to really go to town with how you dress and how you make a memorable entrance. Preparing for a prom doesn’t come cheap however; the average cost was $978 in 2014 and so for many it’s an expensive occasion. However, there are ways to cut the cost and still look just as stylish; better still, nobody will even realize that you’ve saved a packet of money in the process.

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