Why you should hire a limousine when on vacation

The hiring of a limousine is now a popular way to add a touch of glamour and glitz to just about any occasion. It’s also the perfect way to transport you and your family from destination to destination and when you’re on vacation it’s a great way to kick back and relax. If you’ve never considered hiring a limousine when visiting New York or New Jersey and usually rely on public transport, here are a few reasons which will certainly change your mind. Plenty of leg room

Arriving at the airport you’ll feel tired and aching after being confined to a cramped space on the plane. The last thing you’ll be wanting to do is stand in a queue for a taxi or even worse – look to spend the next leg of your journey on a coach. A limousine means you can really stretch your legs, unknot stiff muscles and completely relax.

Travel to any location Using public transport means you’re restricted as to where you can travel whilst on vacation. Perhaps you want to visit a particular attraction but you know you have to leave early as there’s no way of returning to your hotel other than on foot or in an expensive cab. Hiring a limousine means you can travel where you want and when you want. The vehicle and driver are at your disposal during the hire and will take away the stress of trying to work out train timetables or bus journey times.

Bucket list achievement Traveling by limousine is an incredibly luxurious experience and it’s often high up on many bucket lists. Combine the dream with your vacation and you’ll never forget your time feeling like a Hollywood star. It’s fun and other than occasions such as a wedding or prom is something many people rarely consider.s-class-834679_640

Great way for a group to travel together For a family group or number of friends on vacation together, a limousine means everyone can head off to the beach during the day or attractions such as Casino Pier at night at the same time. The best transport is a party bus, New Jersey style and this means a Hummer. With 21st century features such as digital sound and a disco you can dance the night away; it’s the perfect vacation addition.

Feel mysterious There’s a fantastic air of mystery whenever you see a limousine drive past. It’s the sensation of the unknown from the public of perhaps someone famous behind the glass and they look on with curiosity and hope that they may glimpse a movie star or top music name they can ask for an autograph. Sit back and relax in your limousine and you can smile knowingly that you are a VIP and that as you continue down the road those you pass will never know who was behind the tinted glass.

  1. Because you deserve it

You work hard for your vacation so there’s no reason to deny yourself any pleasures when you arrive. A limousine is simply a way of rewarding everyone with a great way of seeing famous landmarks so why not pamper yourself? Whether you want a family sized Cadillac or are looking at a 30 passenger party bus rental, NJ-based Bergen Limo can give you the vacation transport you’ve always desired. Call or email them today to make a booking and all you’ll need to do then is pack your case and head to the airport.

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