Why hiring a party bus is the only way to have a great birthday party with friends

If you live in New Jersey and it’s your birthday, the only way to celebrate it is in style along with your closest friends and family. It’s a great idea to visit a number of places to have a meal and a night out but if everyone requires transport then it can be difficult to organize. There’s also always the issue of having designated drivers to stay within the law with regards to alcohol. There’s not much fun in everyone traveling separately when you’ve planned a group party and if you’re not together then you’re missing out on the time you could be spending with them. The solution is to hire a vehicle where everyone can travel together – in style – and to have a great time between destinations. Hire a party bus, then New Jersey opens up to explore and it’s time to have a birthday you’ll never forget.

Why hire a party bus

Party Bus New JerseyA limousine party bus is so much more than just a limousine. It’s a head turning vehicle with an on board nightclub which awaits all those fortunate enough to step aboard. Party bus rental New Jersey style means class, style and never-ending fun. The main feature of a party bus is the sheer size of this luxurious vehicle. It is designed to seat 30 people in comfort and so when your chauffeur heads off to your first stop, you’ll be surrounded by everyone you want to celebrate with – at all times.

The Hummer Transformer Party Bus

The ultimate in celebration limousines, the Hummer Transformer is the cream of crop when it comes to a luxury party on the move. It’s a one of a kind vehicle so when you and your guests step inside they are set for an experience they will never have encountered before. Party buses in NJ don’t come more glamorous than this and with all the on board entertainment it won’t be long before you’re ready to rock.

Celebrating on board a Hummer Party Bus

Inside a party busThe Transformer has a top of the range sound system which can be pre-loaded with the music of your choice before you set off or you can play different tracks on your journey as the mood takes you. The surround system is directly linked to a disco and to really give it the celebrity feel, there’s a fiber optic laser show which can be programed alongside your music choices. With luxurious seating and even a rear viewing area to watch the world go by, you’ll see people stop on the sidewalk as you cruise past. Transporting you from location to location, you’ll arrive feeling like a Hollywood superstar every time the door opens. You’re sure to receive the red carpet treatment; passers-by will wonder which rich and famous friends are taking time out together and will crane their necks for a glimpse of the world inside the party bus. Don’t let your friends fend for themselves when it comes to arranging transport for your birthday; make it part of the day and leave them with as many once in a lifetime memories as you will when you make the decision to hire a party bus. All you then need to do is head off to see the sights and sounds of New Jersey – and have a great time.

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