Here is why you need to get a party bus

dance-club-254494_640As a wise man most probably once said, there’s no better way to arrive to a party than by arriving in a party, on wheels. Surrounded by your friends, bathing in superb sounds and basking in laser light as you roll through town as your excitement builds, you’re D.I.S.C.O in motion and when you reach your destination you’ll be pumped and exhilarated, totally charged, and walking on sunshine. The question is: what kind of party are you going to? The simple answer is: any, and all. Indeed, you don’t even need to be going to one at all. Get aboard a Hummer Transformer Party Bus and you could even spend all day cruising around New Jersey and New York while living the lifestyle of the rich and famous as you kick back in your own private club and have the time of your life. Aside from always being guaranteed entry, the most excellent aspect of taking such a party ride is that you’ll be going wherever you like and for whatever reason. The boys could be bringing the ruckus to a Bachelor event and be taken from one location to another as they party all night. The girls could be sharing some quality time or getting hectic as they cruise to a bachelorette celebration that will give the bride-to-be the send off that she deserves. 1361180801_3f6f4457f1_o Whether you’re travelling towards or from a 15th, 16th or 21st birthday you’ve got the perfect excuse to keep the party exactly where you are at. The eight-wheeler Party Bus seats up to thirty people and is equipped with roomy V.I.P lounge that features space to stand and gigantic tinted windows that offer private and panoramic views of your surroundings. At its rear you’ll find an observation deck that can be fully opened to the air, where you can sip cold drinks and shoot the breeze as you enjoy each other’s company while motoring down the boulevard. It’s perfect for prom night too, and will be the place to be before or after High School has been finally given an extravagant farewell and friends meet-up for a final fling before making their way through life. Graduating from college? All those extra years of hard work and exhausting study really do deserve to be brought to an end in a way that will linger long in your memory. graduates-351603_640 Of course, you don’t even have to be thinking of formal occasions to come up with an excuse to enjoy the party bus. The final game of the season needs to celebrated, as does the returning from service overseas, or a promotion at work. Ultimately, you could hire one just because you can and are filled with the need to celebrate with the people who mean the most to you in a manner you all deserve to experience at least once in your life. Ready to get a party started, for whatever reason? Then get in contact with Bergen limo and make your booking.

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