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What is a party bus?

Based upon basic working vehicles our NJ party bus rentals started their lives as very humble and hard-working machines. With the Hummer being primarily a military vehicle and the Ford F750 used by famers, these 2 super-size buses have come a long way from what most traditionalists would have originally viewed them as. Lets look at the history of these beautiful machines and how they came about to be party bus rentals. Both of our NJ party bus have been kitted out with state of the art sound systems, super comfortable seating and some awesome features to make them the ultimate NJ party bus rentals.


Hummer Transformer



The Hummer started life out as the Humvee in the early 1980’s, made by AM General. Used as the vehicle of choice for the US army, the Humvee offered a reliable and tough working vehicle for the army to do their duties in, its versatility and flexibility allowed a variety of models to be created, giving a ‘fits-all’ basic design in which modifications could be made to construct a vehicle that would do a designed purpose. By 1992, the Humvee had become the Hummer, produced by General Motors and had become a civilian vehicle. One which offered toughness to the existing large SUV market. By May 2010 the last Hummer rolled off the production line and so this iconic vehicle was to be no more. The Transformer model shares a similar appearance to the original version, only much bigger. Allowing for a huge amount of internal space, the Transformer can easily carry up to 30 passengers, making it the ideal prom party bus or for anyone wanting a unique party bus experience in NJ.


Ford F-750



The Ford F-750 is by all accounts a working machine, chosen by owners who needed a vehicle to pull, to be reliable and to withstand doing a job. Designed as commercial vehicles, the original 2000 model F-750’s could often be found primarily being used as tow-trucks. This medium duty commercial vehicle received a few changes as the model changed and evolved but no changes are as big as what our Ford F-750 are like. This party bus is the largest party bus rental available, giving enough room for up to 50 passengers, which makes it ideal for larger parties or perhaps as wedding transport. With its comfortable seating, ambient lighting, state of the art music system, TV’s and bar, the Ford F-750 looks very different to its older brothers’ humble tow-truck life. What stands this model out from anything else is its sheer size and great looks. It’s a pretty vehicle but one which also offers the ultimate NJ party bus experience for its passengers. Finished in a beautiful white paint, it will go with any color scheme, again making it ideal for weddings and prom transport and awash with feature to the inside, this party bus offers a one of a kind design.

“From small acorns grew mighty oak trees”. This expression is so true and very fitting with our 2 party bus rentals. The biggest, the best and the most affordable party bus rentals in New Jersey.

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