The Ultimate Prom Night Party Bus Guide

Prom night is always a special night. School is so much like hard work at times, team this is endless exams and assignments and it can just seem like it is all work and no play. What happened to being a kid and chilling in the park during the holidays or lazing around the pool with a bunch of mates? After all that hard work you deserve a night to let down your hair and enjoy prom night for what it actually is. An excuse to get dressed up and party. Maybe you have a date? Maybe all of your friends have a date? What better way to arrive in style in one of our NJ party buses?.

Our party buses are perfect for arriving in a memorable fashion to your high school prom. They are fully kitted out in some of the coolest gear to really start prom night off with a bang. Now we won’t bombard you with technical and scientific information so here it is, a simple and straightforward guide to our party bus rentals.

NJ Party Bus rental

party-bus-ford-f750-nj (12)

For those of you in the NJ area, we have 2 super-sized party buses. The Ford F750 can seat up to 50 people, making it a great vehicle for fitting a large group of mates in. Our Ford is fully kitted out with a banging music system, lighting, TV’s and comfy sofa like seats. Being white in colour it is a really classy and sophisticated addition to our NJ party bus fleet.

NY Party bus rental


We can now cater for proms in NY and the surrounding areas. One of our NY party bus rentals is the Hummer Transformer. This party bus can carry 30 passengers and just like the Ford it is fully fitted out with some pretty cool gear. A super, state of the art sound system can provide the very newest tunes like you have never heard them sound before while specialist lighting systems can create the best atmosphere to start prom night. What’s more is each of these monster party buses have TV screens lining the full length of the buses making it easy to copy dance moves and really start the dancing early. For the ride home we can drop the lighting down to a soft pink or green, the perfect time to rest aching feet and tired heads.

Prom party bus

We think our party buses are simply awesome and ideal for prom night but if you need any more convincing then please do take a look at our party bus rentals page. We can offer party bus rentals to the NY and NJ areas and with 2 monster buses on offer we can accommodate even the largest of parties, making us the ideal choice for prom night.

For a tailored quote, please do get in touch with us on 201-703-7979 or 973-225-0505 or check out our quotes page so we can give you the best value available.

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