Treating Yourself to an Airport Limo

It’s certainly a treat to arrive in style by limo for your flight, and a nice welcome touch for your onward journey. However, it’s not just about treating yourself to an airport limo, at Bergen Limos we believe that airport limos offer the best in convenience, comfort, safety, and cost when it comes to your transport to and from Newark, Teteboro, LaGuardia, and JFK. Here’s why treating yourself to an airport limo is the best choice:

Treating Yourself to an Airport Limo


  • Convenience: The four airports we serve – EWR airport, TEB airport, LGA airport, and JFK airport – all have their advantages. However, each of them has a transport link problem to some degree, particularly LaGuardia which has extremely limited public transport options. All are a considerable distance to anywhere. Then there is the fact that unless you want to be hanging around waiting, you need door-to-door service which works to your schedule not that of a public timetable. We ensure you are dropped off or collected as close to where you need to be as possible including at both baggage collection and curbside, with assistance with your luggage. No parking or transport problems!


  • Comfort: Your comfort is important to us, especially after or before a flight. Whatever the size of your party we have the right size vehicle to ensure you’re comfortable, and your luggage fits.


  • Safety: At Bergen Limo, your safety is paramount. All of our vehicles are of the highest maintained standard. In addition, whilst our surrounding airports do have various car park options, it’s still safest to leave your vehicle safe on your driveway or in your garage. We offer a safe and reliable service.


  • Cost: You can be forgiven for thinking a limo is an expensive extravagance for airport transport, but you’d be wrong! In fact, being our bread and butter work, we ensure we offer extremely competitive rates for your airport transport whether that’s a Newark Limo Service – EWR Airport, Teterboro Limo Service – TEB Airport, LaGuardia Transportation – LGA Airport, or J F Kennedy Limousine – JFK Airport. In fact, we believe that choosing us could in fact save you money as you won’t be paying to park your car for an extended period of time. What’s more, we’re completely upfront and transparent with our costs – you can quickly and easily work out how much your airport limo will cost you here.  You’ll also find a $10 discount code there too, so it’s worth checking out.


Why Bergen Limos for Your Airport Transfer


We hope we’ve convinced you of the merits of treating yourself to an airport limo, but why specifically Bergen Limos? And why specifically a Newark Limo Service – EWR Airport, Teterboro Limo Service – TEB Airport, LaGuardia Transportation – LGA Airport, or J F Kennedy Limousine – JFK Airport?

Not all limo companies are alike. You need to choose wisely to ensure you benefit from all of the four advantages we listed above.

At Bergen Limo we offer an exceptional airport limo service which starts with our 24/7 365 day per year reservation option. We’re there to take your booking when you need us, are happy to be cancelled up to 24h in advance, and will deliver you on time every time. We don’t just stick to your booking times either. We’re constantly monitoring all flight information for the four airports we serve to ensure you’re picked up or dropped off in time.

These four airports include some of the busiest in the country. They serve both international and internal flights. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, you need more than a standard NYC cab or public transport.

Book your airport limo service today on 1-201-703-7979 and don’t forget to take advantage of our $10 discount code!

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