Top 5 Perfect Beaches To Host Your Wedding In New Jersey

The most important day of your life is fast approaching, and you have yet to find that perfect waterfront venue to host it. Taking into consideration the location, décor, and facilities of many establishments in the state, Bergen Limo has listed five of our favorite venues for a beach wedding in New Jersey.

Top 5 NJ Beach Venues

Lake Mohawk Country Club

Not strictly speaking a beach, but a romantic lakeside ceremony on a scenic boardwalk can be enjoyed only 45 minutes from New York City at Lake Mohawk Country Club.

Incorporated into the reservation of the Mohawk Native American tribe in 1927, the club radiates old world charm complete with Grand Ballroom and massive Palladian window. The sun will shimmer on the water as you take your vows and guests will feel the majesty of nature only a short drive from the city.

McLoone’s Pier House

There’s nothing quite like embracing in a cheeky kiss under the pier to feel like teenagers again. At McLoone’s Pier House you can do just that. Sited on a sandy beach with panoramic views of a crystal blue ocean, the calming breeze, and bright blue sky will have you believing in magic.

And all that is before you’ve even seen the wondrous pier structure, with its beautiful light colored wood and breezy blue tones. The entire day will be a fairytale wedding – on a beach!

Ocean City Yacht Club

If it’s a touch of class you’re after for your wedding then the Ocean City Yacht Club, established on the Green Egg Harbor Bay in 1901, is a prime candidate for being the ideal venue.

The picturesque blue building with white trimming already looks the part before adding the decorations, and its waterfront deck will have guests oohing and ahhing at the full view of the bay in front of them until the bride is ready to show off her dress.

Ocean Club Hotel

Described as a modern oasis in a Victorian town, the Ocean Club Hotel in Cape May stands on the beachfront as a beacon of quaint, old world magnetism.

Guests will be able to sip cocktails as the sand tickles their toes. The happy couple can take their vows under a majestic setting sun. Photographs of the day will radiate splendor and exquisiteness for a lifetime.

Waterside Restaurant

This stylish, modern building is situated in North Bergen. Although you’ll likely be impressed with their white wedding gazebo and water’s edge bar, the true magnificence of Waterside Restaurant is actually when you turn away from it and become awed by the New York City skyline across the water. Weddings of more style and sophistication are rarely found elsewhere.

While getting married can be the most important and magical day of your life, the actual planning of it can be a logistical nightmare. The earlier you can get on top of it, the better. Once you’ve booked a venue you should get in touch with Bergen Limo as soon as possible. Securing a wedding limo service is one of the easiest and quickest jobs to complete, so why not get it sorted immediately by calling us on 1-201-703-7979 to move forward with your wedding planning today.

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