Top 5 celebrations to book a party bus for

When you’re looking for a really memorable way to spend your birthday with friends and family, hire a party bus. The Hummer Transformer party bus NJ from Bergen Limo is an experience from the moment it arrives at your door. It’s a way to show the world that you’re looking to have a great time and there are a number of special occasions in life when only the best will do. Here are the top 5 celebrations you should book a party bus for.

1. Quinceanera

The celebration of a Quinceanera is a centuries old tradition and a coming of age party for many young women. It’s probably the first time they have been part of a celebration which not only centers around them but also has a number of age-old and important ceremonies to take part in. Celebrating with friends in a party bus, New Jersey awaits to share in the occasion. It’s a vehicle which will excite all those who watch it approach and then step on board to sounds of wonder as they see the futuristic interior for the first time. dress-237660_640

2. Prom

Every young adult looks forward to their prom. There’s a list of things to organize; an outfit, hair and make-up for the girls, accessories and jewelry and of course transport. Party bus rental NJ style means that you can turn every head as you glide towards the gates of your prom destination complete with your own chauffeur. Arrive alone for a glamorous entrance but book it for the hours after the prom and a you and up to another 29 of your friends can take to the streets to see the sites of the area by night. prom-264219_640 (1)

3. Sweet Sixteen

Celebrating a Sweet Sixteen is a huge event. For a party bus, New Jersey company Bergen Limo has a unique solution to transport the lucky birthday girl and her friends to the location the fun is to take place. Turn up feeling like Hollywood celebrities in the Hummer Transformer party bus, it’s an incredible experience and can be rented for a few hours, an evening or all day.

4. Bachelorette party

Getting married is the next major event in life for most women and party buses in NJ are the only way to hit the city lights and have an incredible night. The vehicle has an on-board disco and laser show and the fiber optics will create a nightclub on the road as you travel between destinations. You’ll never regret party bus rental, NJ will reward you with the bachelorette party you deserve. balloons-388973_640

5. Birthday party

Party buses in NJ don’t have to be for specific celebrations or age-related parties. They can be for anyone at any time of any age and a birthday is the perfect reason to rent one. It’s an exotic choice and one where all the guests will be treated like stars; some choose the vehicle as a way to travel to their birthday destination such as restaurants or clubs whilst others choose to spend their whole party cruising around NJ complete with top of the range sound system. In stunning white and a viewing area at the rear, it’s the only way to party away the night.

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