The Top 5 Prom Fails

Arriving at your prom is a moment to shine, look glamorous and to turn heads – for all the right reasons. Part of the overall excitement of the prom is reaching your location in style and stepping out of a luxury vehicle where you’ve traveled in comfort either on your own, with your date or with friends. The best prom limo NJ has to offer is any one of a range of stunning vehicles, professional drivers and the ultimate in on-board entertainment. Whether it’s a Lincoln Navigator or a stretched Hummer 2, arriving in your prom limo New Jersey residents will know that you’re a glamorous kind of person. Here though are 5 limo prom fails where the passengers should have looked elsewhere for their transport for one of the biggest nights of their lives.

1. Arriving at the prom is one long push Trusting your limousine company to have well-trained staff with specialist expertise is all part of choosing the best prom limo company for you. Difficult weather conditions should be no issue for an experienced driver but for these unlucky prom-goers, it was a case of having to get out and push when they slipped on snowy roads. car-fails-204[1]2. Only for those with a head for heights One feature of a prom limo is that it should have excellent access; elegance and style are key for those arriving in their gowns and suits. This limo then should never have been sent for the party guests when they ordered a car to take them to their sophisticated destination; even if a ladder is perhaps an included feature. car-fails-339[1] 3. There’s a difference between ‘unique’ and ‘fail’ The most unique prom limo NJ has to offer is the Hummer Transformer Party Bus with exotic jet doors. With a laser party disco and the chance to have your choice of music playing through just about the best music system on the market, it can rightfully claim to be unique. This limousine is also certainly unique but would have turned heads for all the wrong reasons when the guests had to face their friends when stepping out of the doors. eab176ee4eab6ea6206c55d85926ea87[1] 4. Drivers require excellent knowledge of the area All prom limo New Jersey chauffeurs employed by Bergen Limo know the area they work in. They don’t take passengers on unnecessary detours, end up going the wrong way down a one-way street or, unlike this driver here, they don’t make a wrong turn and end up with a rather unusual view of the area. 7986a49eb9570592c7822fb87fe84c13[1] 5. Always check the quality of your limousine When renting your limo, it’s important to see exactly what will be arriving on the most important day of your life so far. Vehicles should be clean, well maintained and have all the advertised features when you view it so there’s never a disappointment come the big day. For those who rented this limo, they are probably regretting trusting the company who told them they would be receiving a vehicle complete with a bespoke paint color, open viewing area and full air conditioning.partying_limo_03[1]  

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