That’s How You Do It! Bachelor Party In A Party Bus

Time to face up to it, your best buddy’s life is about to change dramatically and he needs you to help him make the transition.

If he were moving away then you could simply go around to his place for a few last drinks, perhaps engage in an inebriated manly hug at the end of the night, and leave after a fond farewell handshake.

When he’s getting married though? It’s customary to throw him the biggest, most badass celebration on the planet in a party bus New York could offer, a night he’s going to remember (or perhaps not remember) as the most epic party he ever attended.

Party Bus Limo Hire

Now there’s just one problem. The greatest party of all time needs to be planned. And it’s up to you. How are you going to do it?

Don’t panic, Bergen Limo are here to help and ensure your friend’s bachelor days end with a bang. Consider the following to get your party on track:

Choose Venues

When planning the destinations, you need to decide on them based on his preferences, not your own. If he’s the kind of guy who really doesn’t want to visit a strip club then there’s no point in dragging him to one as he’ll just feel uncomfortable and awkward. On the other hand, if he’s the kind of guy that likes that sort of thing then be sure not to leave it off the list!

Hiring a party bus means that you can visit as many places as you like, and the party doesn’t need to stop while moving from bar to bar.


No one wants to be holding a clipboard and pen, rushing party goers from one place to another to adhere to a schedule. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. In order to visit all the places you want to go to and do all the things you planned, you’ll need to schedule them out. Just keep in mind that it will need to be flexible.

With your own bachelor party bus at beck and call rounding up the troops should be easy, and you’ll be in complete control of the when and where of your party. A hired limo is your flexible friend.


So many guys get so caught up in organizing the fun that they often neglect one of the most important aspects of the night – feeding a hungry army of excitable men. Be sure to book a table somewhere well in advance or the sound of grumbling bellies will likely be louder than Ricky Martin’s Livin La Vida Loca blasting out of the club speakers.

When the guys get the midnight munchies later on you’ll be glad you avoided a riot by having a party bus to take you to the nearest White Castle.

How could you be planning the ultimate bachelor party in New York without hiring a VIP treatment from Bergen Limo? If you’re wanting to hang out with the guys and turn heads as you pull up to the city’s hottest bars and clubs then a New York party bus is the answer.

Reserve your party bus by calling us on 1-201-703-7979 today.

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