The Rise of the Party Bus

Over the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the demands of our customers – This, for a limousine rental company like us, is a good thing! Customers want bigger, they want better and they want an experience that they will remember for years. This is where our party bus rentals come into their own.

Bergen Limo was first set up in 1994 as an airport rental service. At the time there was not a limousine in sight. A year later, we acquired our first luxury 6 pass Lincoln Town Car Limo, which transformed the way we could transport our customers around. The rest is pretty much history as we have grown to be one of the biggest and best limousine rental companies in the state and as our fleet has grown so has our reputation.

Our biggest editions to the fleet were our 2 mega sized party bus rentals which have proved a massive hit so far with the customers that have used them. So why have party buses become such a necessary and individual form of transportation in a company that started off with just a couple or airport cars?


Fun with Convenience


party-bus-ford-f750-nj (26)

What our unique party bus rentals offer are a convenient and fun mode of transport without the need of a fleet of cars. A party bus keeps your party together and in one place where the fun can continue. Since our party buses can carry up to 50 passengers, we can guarantee a seat for even the largest of parties, making them ideal for weddings, unique prom transport, Quinceanera parties or even bachelor party nights.


Cost Effective Transport


By being able to carry such a large amount of passengers we can keep costs to an absolute minimum by splitting it amongst a larger group of people. Often you will find that by booking a party bus rental that it works out cheaper than hiring a fleet of smaller cars.


Memorable Experiences




We have found over the years that our customers don’t just want convenience or memories that last a night. They want an experience that will last a life time. Hiring a party bus isn’t something that happens every day and we do appreciate this point but we do feel it is something that everyone should experience once in their lives. By taking a ride in one of our NJ Party bus rentals you aren’t just creating a memory, you are giving yourself an experience to remember.


They are Multi-Purpose Vehicles


Many of our customers are surprised to hear that our party buses aren’t just used for partying in. These large vehicles have multi-purpose benefits that can suit a variety of occasions. We have had wedding parties in our buses – the sheer size and passenger capacity makes them ideal for transporting the full guest list around to another venue. We have also entertained corporate clients in our party buses, providing the ultimate start to a corporate event and providing a cost effective mode of transport that companies love.

If you like the idea of being part of a revolutionary transport idea then please do get in contact with us. A member of our friendly team will be delighted to give you the low-down on what you can expect from our party bus rentals and will help you on your journey to discovering what makes a party bus so blooming amazing.

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