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Preparing for your Wedding

A wedding can be as lavish or intimate as the bride and groom decide upon. It’s a time of happiness and love and brings two families together in the act of the marriage taking place. Whether it’s a grand and lavish affair or a small ceremony involving only family, there are number of elements to plan ahead for to ensure they are all booked and available for the big day.

Ceremony location

Choosing whether you want a church service or a non-religious ceremony is the first step to take. This can take a great deal of discussion and it’s important that the beliefs and feelings of both bride and groom are taken into consideration. Many popular ceremony locations can book up quickly – some as far ahead as 18 months, so if there’s somewhere you dream of getting married, contact them as soon as possible. A mid-week wedding is always going to have more availability so if you’ve set our heart on a particular church perhaps and there’s already a ceremony taking place on the Saturday you want to wed on, consider a day earlier in the week.

Wedding dress

The choice of dress by the bride is an incredibly personal thing. It can be as simple as a casual summer dress or as lavish as a many-tiered ball gown. Celebrity weddings lead the way for favored styles but it’s about finding the right cut of dress that looks and feels great. Colored wedding dresses are now very popular so don’t automatically think of white if it isn’t a color which you normally wear. As well as regular wedding boutique stores there are now many online discount wedding dress sites so there’s something to suit everyone’s budget but if you’re planning to buy a dress online, it’s a good idea to have visited your local bridal store first to try on some gowns to see which is the best shaped dress for you.


Every bride wants to arrive at her wedding in style and there’s a fantastic range of vehicles now available to hire. From stylish and traditional antique cars to stretched limousines which have sound systems and light shows inside, the bride will feel a million dollars as she travels to meet her future husband and then together to the reception. Talk to your chosen hire company to arrange a visit to see the cars and in particular, check out that there’s plenty of space to enter and exit the car when wearing a wedding dress and that you’ll be comfortable riding in it in your gown. You don’t want to arrive cramped and creased so it’s important to do your research.


Your reception location is another part of the wedding to book well in advance if it’s a popular place for weddings and other family locations. Talk to their Events Manager about the services offered and how much input you can have into the proceedings. It’s your day so you need to ensure you can have the room and the food just as you want it to be. Ask about food choices for those with specific dietary requirements as well as the music they can provide. If it’s in a hotel, many will offer a package deal with a room included for the wedding night and you can often request rooms for the day of the wedding to be able to get ready in comfort and it’s often at no extra cost. Planning a wedding is an incredibly exciting time. There’s a great deal to do even if you’re organising a small number of guests so ensure you set up a planner on your computer and organise as much in advance as possible. When it comes to the big day, you’ll know you can relax and everything will take care of itself and you can enjoy being the centre of the celebration and taking in every second of becoming newly-wed.

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