Preparing for your Quinceañera

Turning 15 is an exciting time if you are planning to mark the occasion with a Quinceañera party. It’s a coming of age event which involves all the family but there’s a great deal to organise to ensure you have the time of your life. A Quinceañera is a traditional Hispanic celebration and marks the move for a girl from being a child to an adult. It’s such an important event that some families spend more on this party than they do when their daughter marries. To ensure you have a Quinceañera to remember and for your family and friends to have amazing memories, there are certain elements which must be planned in advance.

The Dress

For any girl celebrating her Quinceañera, the most important part is finding and buying the right dress. It’s a gown which must fulfil all dreams and fantasies of the last 15 years and over the last decade or so, Quinceañera dresses have become incredibly lavish affairs, more dramatic in design and of course every Quinceañera outfit requires the traditional tiara to accompany it as the finishing touch. The tiara denotes the Quinceañera as a princess before God and is worn to symbolise the challenges of life achieved and those which will be tackled in their life ahead. Other symbolic gifts which make up the church ceremony are the cross, a Bible and a scepter.


As this is a two part ceremony; the first being the religious service followed by the reception and banquet, the appropriate transport is vital to ensure that you arrive in style. Many choose pink limousines and they are often decorated inside with colored balloons for that extra special feeling. Another fantastic choice would be the Hummer H2 for an up to the minute transport solution as is a Party Bus if you are traveling with your Court to the church and reception. Look for a company which offers specific packages or will quote you a price for the number of hours you need the vehicle for to ensure you receive the best value for money possible – Contact Us for more information.

Choosing your Court

The Quinceañera must choose her Court of Honor so it’s a time to think about friends to invite to have the opportunity to be your Dama for the day for the girls or Chamberlan for the young men. All who are included will need accompanying outfits which will be gowns for the girls and tuxedo for the boys as well as small tokens as an appreciation of thanks. A small piece of ceramic is often the choice of gift.

The Reception Banquet

After attending church for the first part of the ceremony, the reception is the place everyone will head for the party. A Quinceañera banquet is a grand and spectacular evening with a beautifully decorated room and themed tables. To carry out the Quinceañera toast, remember to order champagne style glasses for everyone. A Quinceañera celebration is one which will be planned for many months and for some girls they will have been planning it in their mind since they were very young. It’s a time of happiness and pride for the girl who is transforming into a woman as well as the family who are helping her with this transition through the various parts of the day which make up this centuries old tradition.

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