Plan your prom in 5 easy steps

With your prom night set to be one of the most exciting and memorable events of your life, it’s about getting everything planned in advance. Organizing a stunning dress, choosing glamorous accessories, booking appointments to look a million dollars and opting for head-turning transport such as a prom limo New Jersey well in advance of the day means that when it’s time to get ready you’ll be relaxed and ready to enjoy every second. Planning your prom doesn’t need to be stressful; just follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll have the time of your life.


Prom dressFor many, finding ‘the dress’ is the most important aspect to arrange. There are so many styles to choose from, it’s difficult to know what to wear. Start looking well in advance and visit as many stores as possible to try on different styles; you may favor a particular look but you could change your mind once you’ve tried a few dresses on. Keep it sophisticated, stylish and classy; your prom is the opportunity to look and feel like a star.


Once you have a dress to put you up there with the Hollywood A-listers, it’s time to add the accessories. This includes jewelry, shoes and perhaps a hair piece. Jewelry can be as bling or understated as suits your tastes but ensure you take the necessary insurance if you decide to hire pieces to cover any accidental damage. Shoes should make you feel amazing – throughout the whole event. There’s nothing worse than a pair of shoes which rub after a few minutes and the pain can ruin a great night. When you’ve found the pair of your dreams, wear them as often as possible in the weeks beforehand. Only walk on carpeted areas to stop them becoming scuffed. Many now opt for a hair piece to set off their locks. This can either be a dazzling clip of gems or a soft row of flowers. If you choose a floral piece which is created from real flowers, order in advance and talk to the florist about which blooms look fresh the longest.

Hair and Make-Up

The hair and make-up aspect of a prom is a real chance to indulge in some pampering sessions. Find a hairdresser and beautician and talk through your choices. Take on board their suggestions as to what will suit you as they will have a great deal of expertise to share. It’s important to have trial appointments so you can see how your hair and make-up will look on the day. If you don’t usually wear lots of make-up, don’t make the error of going overboard and applying too much; the soft, natural look is just as beautiful as any other.


Party BusArriving in style is one of the highlights of the prom. Everyone wants to step out of a vehicle in front of their friends and turn heads and some want to travel together to share the excitement. For a prom, there’s a really wide number of choices so whether it’s a traditional white stretched limo or a party bus where up to 30 can travel in hi-tech luxury, it’s something to research and book in advance. You can hire a prom limo NJ for a whole day, an evening or you can book it for a few hours. Either way you will feel amazing as the door is opened by your uniformed chauffeur. Popular prom limos in NJ include Hummers, Cadillacs and Lincolns.

Where to go after the prom

Many of your friends will want to carry on celebrating so there’s often an after-prom party to help arrange. Depending on budget and numbers, this can be in a hired hotel suite or if funds aren’t as freely available, a sleep-over is just as much fun. Knowing in advance where everyone will be heading after the main event means you can head there in your prom limo NJ along with some of your friends. This way you won’t be searching for places to go or looking for friends in the hours which follow. If you’re planning to head to another location after the prom, always talk it over with your parents so they know where you will be and that they are happy. Research, plan, have fun trying on dresses and sitting in different limousines – it’s all part of the build-up to a great night. Once everything is booked and in place and the date arrives, pack your lipstick, pop on your heels and you’re ready to dance the night away.

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