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How to Plan a Prom on a Budget

Top tips to consider when going to your prom on a budgetProm day

Going to your prom is one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s full of glamour and the chance to really go to town with how you dress and how you make a memorable entrance. Preparing for a prom doesn’t come cheap however; the average cost was $978 in 2014 and so for many it’s an expensive occasion. However, there are ways to cut the cost and still look just as stylish; better still, nobody will even realize that you’ve saved a packet of money in the process.

Dressed to the ninesProm Corsage

Unless you are still wearing the price tag, there’s no guessing how much you’ve paid for the outfit of your dreams. There are many outlet stores and end of season stores which stock fantastic choices of prom dresses for a fraction of the original cost; often up to 80% less just because new designs are now on the rails at the local mall.

Look a million dollars

Now you have an outfit tProm Nighto turn heads, you’ll want your hair to look just as elegant. The solution to not paying a huge amount is to ask local moms who work in hair and beauty and any will happily come to your home to do a trial style as well as give tips on the make-up you want to wear. Once you are happy, then you can ask them to return for the big day and they’ll send you off looking as if you’re a Hollywood A-lister stepping out to attend the Oscars at a fraction of the cost of a trip to a salon.

Grand entrance

Sweeping majestically to the front door on the occasion of your prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity and there are a wide range of amazing ways you can arrive. Hiring a limousine is popular, but if you’re on a budget you may not be able to stretch to the cost of a whole day or to pay for it yourself. There are a number of ways to choose your dream chariot – whether it’s a classic white Lincoln or a funky Hummer 2 and not break the bank.Bergen Limo NJ Prom Many limousine hire companies offer special deals for prom events and they are often discounted package prices so when you call, ask about current promotions. For more information on prices and packages head to our Prom Limousine Service page. If you don’t need the vehicle for the whole day, ask to hire it for a number of hours. You’ll save a great deal of money as you’ll only be paying for your transport as and when you need it. If you have friProm Queenends you are meeting at the venue, travel together and hugely slash the costs. Most limousines are designed to seat many people and the more you can find to share the cost, the less it will hit on a small budget. It’s also a great way to start the party early as many models have on-board entertainment such as digital music systems and light shows. Don’t despair if you don’t think your meagre budget will pay for your prom. It’s about being clever with the money you have; spend it only where it’s essential and planning in advance by scouring the sales for items such as shoes, jewelry and that all-important tiara. Not only will you spend the prom knowing you look like a supermodel, you’ll also have the little secret tucked up your sequin-covered sleeve that looking this good costs next to nothing.

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