How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

If you want to create the perfect birthday party in New Jersey you’ve come to the right place. Discover how to plan the perfect birthday party incorporating an awesome party bus New Jersey with our top tips.


Set the New Jersey Scene

Whether you want to party in a New Jersey club, have a drinking night overlooking the Atlantic, or simply want a venue that doubles up as the transport, then opting for party bus rental NJ is the way to go. Your first tip is to decide which suits you and your party goers best.

Choose the Guests

The great thing about a party bus New Jersey is that all the guests get to party together from the moment you leave the door. You can refine your guest list and have the party of dreams. Once you know your guest numbers, choose between our Ford party bus rental NJ which caters for 44-50 passengers, or our Hummer Transformer Bus catering for 26-30 passengers, which is particularly popular on warm, New Jersey summer evenings.

Top Tip: Don’t try to squeeze in more guests! You won’t have room to party comfortably, and we’ll have some insurance problems meaning someone will end up disappointed.


Set the Time

When deciding on your party bus rental NJ have a careful think about the timing. We’re on hand to help with timings if need be, just give us a call on 201-703-7979.

Choose the Theme

Like any party, a party bus party goes with a bigger bang if you have a great theme to get everyone in the party mood. With the right theme you make life easier for yourself – with decorations, lighting, music, drink and food. It can include costumes too! For party bus New Jersey themes we recommend All American, Disco, Casino, Fifties, Pop, or Glitterati. In a party bus you can put up balloons, banners and streamers no problem, and popping a movie on the TV is a quick way to add to the atmosphere.

Plan the Games

Yes, really! We recommend having some party bus games. If nothing else they are great ice-breakers to start, or they can keep you going all night. Again, the games can fit your theme. Our top party bus rental NJ party games include: license plate games; purse scavenger hunts; Telephone; bus bingo; karaoke; and charades.

Decide the Menu


Your number one thought when it comes to party bus food ideas is that they must be easy to eat and distribute on the move. Therefore, think along the lines of a cocktail party and plans lots of scrumptious finger food. Good ideas include: baguette slices with various toppings; popcorn and chips; chicken fingers; mozzarella sticks; and sticky wings.

Keep Hydrated

Of course, any great party needs fabulous drinks. Plan your drinks according to the theme, and make sure you have plenty of plastic glasses for safety. We also recommend you avoid the red wine unless you’re good friends with a laundromat! We provide champagne on some services, so do ask if you think we can help!

Choose the Music

It’s going to be a dull party without any tunes, so make sure you choose what music you’d like and bring it along. Check with us which is best for your chosen vehicle on 201-703-7979 but usually CD’s, iPods, and MP3s work best.

Set the Ground Rules!

Of course your party bus experience should be fun, but as with any venue, having a great time isn’t an excuse for causing havoc and damage. Make sure you’ve agreed with your guests about who will pay for any damages.

Climb On Board!

When all the planning is done, all that’s left to do is climb on board and get the party started! Give us a call today on 201-703-7979 to plan your party bus rental NJ, and see how we can help you party in style.

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