Why A Pink Limo is a Must Have for Any Quinceanera Party

Hiring a pink limo is the one thing every Mexican parent has to go all out on to celebrate their daughter’s Quinceanera. Part of every 15-year-old girl’s dream party, it is the one aspect of the event you can guarantee will be a success.

A Quinceanera party is possibly the most important event of your daughter’s life up to that point. Your little girl is becoming a woman, and letting the world know she is throwing the greatest soiree of all time. The only problem is that as her parents, it is you who will be organizing it and making sure it all runs smoothly.

Why A Pink Limo is a Must Have for Any Quinceanera Party


The event takes a huge amount of planning. Establishing the date and location are crucial first steps. Although there is huge pressure to have it on a Saturday, you have to make sure all desired company can attend and that if the birthday date is impractical then the day of the party is not too distant from it. Family obligations, school work and even church might need to be navigated.

Delicate family politics need to be considered when selecting the Corte de Honor, permissions will need to be collected from parents, and a dress code must be chosen and enforced upon attendees.

Food and drink must be prepared, diets and allergies considered, a lavish multiple-tiered cake baked and decorated, and a decision made on whether or not alcoholic champagne will be allowed for the toast.


You need to choose which traditions to uphold in order to best please all family members while not making your daughter do anything she might not like. This might mean preparing for the changing of the shoes, a scepter and tiara crowning, the carrying of the last doll and a father-daughter dance.


A theme must be chosen for the party, dances choreographed, a band and DJ selected to play, a playlist approved, a professional photographer hired, decorations decided on and an invitations list compiled, approved and sent out.

The schedule of chores accompanying the event can seem endless. On top of all that you also need to be weary of drama inducing moments such as a dress clashing with some furniture, unforeseen mishaps and not going over budget.

And of course then there’s the limo.

Why A Pink Limo is a Must Have for Any Quinceanera Party

No Quinceanera party is complete without the limo ride, one of the most important elements of every 15-year-old girl’s dream. Even if the party venue is at home, a limo ride has become one of the most desirable aspects of the event, representing the journey from being a child into adulthood. Imagine in years to come, your daughter looking back at a photo of herself stood next to a hummer limo in a dazzlingly, extravagant dress is going to recall one of her most cherished memories.

Think Pink

Just think how much more special it will feel if she had a pink limo, with its traditionally feminine color and luxurious nature, a magnificent grandiose symbolic gesture of saying farewell to her playful girlhood?

By booking a Bergen pink limo early you can rest easy that at least her limo ride is a guaranteed success. With so much to worry about getting right for this important day, why wouldn’t you want one of the simplest of tasks taken care of?

Ease the burden and secure your booking of a Quinceanera hummer limo early by calling us on 1-201-703-7979 today.

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