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When you’re in a pink limo the journey is the destination

Hummer Limousines make a statement. They’re big. They’re bold. They dominate streets and highways and they offer a powerful combination of absolute protection, unmistakable style, and total luxury and comfort. But what if you want to make an even bigger and even bolder statement?  One that really makes you and your friends stand out from even the most exclusive of crowds and even, perhaps, a crowd of exclusive Hummers?

Then you want to be seen in a Pink H2 Hummer Stretch Limousine. pinklimo Equipped with an epic sound system ready to play all your favorite tunes, TV screen, drinks cabinet, and nightclub lighting and available for either 16 or 20 passengers to enjoy, it offers everything on the inside that you’d expect from such an exclusive method of transportation. From the outside it’s utterly unavoidable, exceedingly unforgettable, and totally guaranteed to give any nearby observers rubber necks.
Blatantly suited for a once-in-a-lifetime (or even once a month) ladies night out, riding in a pink limo in New Jersey you’ll certainly not be subtle, but will have marked the occasion while being resplendently stylish. Proms and homecomings provide fine times to make use of such an exotic ride too, as would a quinceañera, or 16th birthday, wedding or bachelorette party.

Also perfect for graduations and other assorted celebrations and ridiculously easy to locate in even the most packed of a packed parking lots, a pink limo offers the ultimate in feminine style, but also much, much more. The combination of the toughness of a Hummer with the attention-grabbing nature of the color creates a look that’s unafraid to be different and revels in its uniqueness. It’s a look that is proud and confident, charming and even a little witty. In the 21st century it’s most certainly a look that anyone with the right charisma can access and use to stunning affect. fashion__s_night_out_girls_7_by_mustafasoydan-d2yqj6pStep out of a chauffeur driven pink limo in NJ and you’ll exit from your own private club and make an entrance into the wider world with confident flair and no small amount of panache. You’ll be your own person, enjoying your celebration your way and you’ll be creating memories not quickly forgotten. When people decide that the time is right to hire a luxury vehicle their minds will all-too often enter the most obvious gear and go straight to think about one that’s black, maybe white. If they’re feeling adventurous they might even opt for red or tan. Get a quote from Bergen Limo and you’ll find that pink not only could well be your color, for that special occasion, it really should.

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