The Perfect Wedding Limo

When you are planning your wedding, we can help you to remove one of the stresses and the worries from your day. Let us provide you with the peace of mind which comes with our years of experience and first class customer service. We know how to start your day off on the right foot and we take pleasure from helping to make your special day just that little bit more special.

Arriving in style


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Bergen Limo is the premier wedding limo service NJ has to offer. We will ensure that your wedding day gets off to the best possible start and you arrive in style to your wedding. The very moment you step into your limo, you will be entering into your own private oasis. A room purposely designed for you and filled with everything you could possibly want on your wedding day.


Choosing the right limo




Choosing the perfect limo is about selecting the right one for you. Would you like to arrive at your wedding in the subtle elegance of our two-seater, 1956 Excalibur. It would certainly create a touch of vintage class.
The H2 Hummer or even our thirty seater Cadillac Escalade will make more of a pronounced statement. They will announce to the whole town that you have arrived at your wedding.


Make the right impression


When you pull up at the church and step out of your limo, you know the cameras are going to be focused on you and your limo backdrop. We want to make sure that you can personalise every element of your day and make it perfect for you. That is why Bergen Limo offer you a vast choice of coloured limos. Sometimes a classic white is the right choice, but it is your choice to select from either black, pink, yellow, champagne or silver.


Helping you to make the right decision




You will not want too many surprises on your wedding day. There is enough going on that knowing what is going to happen can be really reassuring. That is why we offer you the chance to come and see the Bergen wedding limo fleet before you even have to make a choice. Come and sample the experience, then chose the limo which will add that extra touch to your special day.


Make it a real special day


The perfect package is the one custom designed for you. It has the limo of your dreams, with the people you most want riding with you and you arriving at your wedding ready to create the most stunning pictures and memories for a lifetime. Bergen Limos can guarantee to bring you the most special wedding limos NJ has to offer.

Once you have decided on which limo is going to provide the perfect start to your wedding day, leave the rest to us. We pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service and adding a little extra spark to your special day.

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