A Parent’s Checklist for Prom Planning

Getting Ahead of the Prom Season Rush with Bergen Limo: A Parent’s Checklist for Prom Planning

It’s not unusual for parents to get just as excited about their children’s prom night as the kids themselves. Your job is to make sure they can have all the fun they want, but responsibly. The key is to organize it alongside them, making sure they make sensible decisions and haven’t forgotten anything.

A Parent’s Checklist for Prom Planning

Here’s our 5 Point Parent Prom Planning Checklist:


  1. Decide Who They Are Going With

Whether your offspring is going to the prom with a date, or as a single, it doesn’t mean they can’t turn up collectively with their friends. In fact, it is quite a popular idea for them all to go out for dinner together or have a pre-prom party beforehand. Not only is it more fun this way, but spending time with their friends and turning up as a group can also help ease any anxiety they may be feeling about the big night.


  1. Set Up A Facebook Group

Include all the parents of those going, as well as all the promsters themselves. This is the perfect way to discuss arrangements such as where to eat, booking reservations, photography and to ensure everyone has bought a ticket (they usually go on sale at least a month before the event).


  1. Dress for Success

Before your girl starts looking for the perfect dress it is important to make them aware of their budget. This way they can begin their search in the right places and won’t have to be disappointed once the price tag becomes apparent. Be sure to have the dress (or tux for a guy) at least a week before the prom date so any necessary adjustments can be made.

If they are taking a date then make sure the boutonniere or corsage has been ordered weeks in advance.


  1. Make All Bookings

To avoid disappointment during the busy prom season be sure to book everything several weeks, or even a couple of months, in advance. Hair appointments, beauty treatments, dress fittings, limo rental, dinner reservations and any post-prom activities should be sorted out as soon as possible. When it comes to the limo rental, for example, once you know who will be joining in on the ride you can work out how much they need to contribute and where they need to meet.


  1. Organize the After Party

While some teens may be content to go home after prom, many consider the after party to be the most important part of the night. Keeping in mind that the party can consist of a small group of their most intimate friends, this doesn’t have to be the nightmare house party scenario you’re probably imagining. Options include riding around in a pink party limo, renting a local hotel suite, or even keeping it simple with a sleepover where they can watch rom-coms and discuss the evening’s events until the early hours.

By booking a Bergen limo early you can rest easy that at least one of these checklist items is a guaranteed success. With so much to worry about getting right for the big day, why wouldn’t you want one of the simplest of tasks taken care of?

Ease the burden and secure your booking of a Prom Night limo early by calling us on 1-201-703-7979 today.

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