Only Got 48 Hours In NYC? Then Go The Extra Mile In A Bergen Limo

Having to cope with all the stresses and hassle it entails, the week essentially belongs to the office. The weekend however, is all yours, a time to relax and enjoy life. Many of us like to own our weekends by getting away with our partners on short breaks. One of the most popular destinations in the world is New York City, a busy metropolis with a population density in excess of 8 million inhabitants.

Only Got 48 Hours In NYC? Then Go The Extra Mile In A Bergen Limo

Although NYC is a magnificent spectacle, getting around it is no countryside stroll. So if this vacation is supposed to be our quality relaxation time, then why should we have to endure the equivalent of a stressful commute between attractions?

Of course, in order to maximize the value of a weekend break you need to visit as many attractions as possible. As a result, time is extremely precious, and the less of it you can waste on working out public transport routes, fidgeting with timetables and maps, standing around subway platforms, searching for correct bus stops, and hailing cabs, (especially in a city where it rains 121 days of the year), the better.

Moving your travel budget

Even with great stamina and determination, New York City is never going to be fully explored in a single weekend. Clearly, with so much to do, you’re not going to be spending much time at the hotel. With that in mind, why not consider reassigning some of that 2 or 3 day deluxe accommodation budget into your daily travel plans instead?

Why should the most expensive and lavish part of your vacation be wasted on a place you only ever spend time at horizontally, with your eyes shut? Since so much time is devoted to it, surely the smart move would be to make the most luxurious part of your vacation the travelling.

Cramming a plethora of activities and attractions into your 48 hours in NYC naturally means that making several journeys a day will be unavoidable. By hiring a limo to shuttle you around however, all the stress and complications of travelling are alleviated. Why desperately rush around busy New York streets when you could be calmly sipping champagne from the comfort of a limo seat?

Travel in style – stress free style

Even if you’re exploring the city as a group then a limo is a great option. Few things are as exciting as visiting all the New York must see spots with your friends in a pink limo. Likewise, cruising around the city in a Hummer limo in style is an invigorating experience that has accompanied many a wild night. Avoid packing yourself and all your friends onto a busy public service bus and actually enjoy the entirety of your vacation.

Providing a guarantee backing up the quality of our service, with Bergen Limo you’ll never find yourself missing a New York must see event. Why should wandering around New York City be a hassle, when it can be a luxury? Call us anytime at 1-201-703-7979 to make your booking today!

Photo Source: Pixabay

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