Newark Airport – Everything You Need to Know

Newark Airport (EWR), more formally known as Newark Liberty International Airport, is Newark’s major transport hub for both domestic and international flights. In fact, EWR, being just 15 miles from Manhattan, is often the arrival point for many arriving to, and travelling from, the New York and New Jersey areas. Combining with the other New York area airports it is the largest airport system in the US. It’s an enormous and complex airport, and as such you need to know everything about how to make your entire journey go smoothly, including Newark airport car services and why you need to use car services instead of other transport methods.

Newark airport sits within the city limits of both Elizabeth and Newark, New Jersey. The airport’s largest airline is United Airlines, which solely operates Terminal C, as well as part of Terminal A. United Airlines and FedEx also operate cargo hubs here. Again, combined with the other New York region airports, EWR is part of the largest airport in terms of total flight operations. The airport sees over 37 million passengers per year. Therefore, arrivals to and from terminals can be busy, complex, and expensive.

Newark Airport – Arrival and Departure Arrangements


The road network, and the public transport links, around Newark Airport are convoluted and complex. In addition, Newark Airport has strictly enforced parking and drop-off regulations. Bringing your own car to Newark Airport is both expensive, and complicated. You will not be able to park near to the terminal without paying a high charge, and thus ‘park and ride’ systems operate for those choosing to bring their own car.

There are four different parking choices at Newark Airport. Costs vary enormously, but you are looking at around $33 per day to park within easy access of the terminals. Cheaper options are available, but you will need to use the shuttle bus, which may require a wait: This is still $18 per day.

Choosing a Newark airport car service on the other hand enables you to be dropped, or collected, right at the forecourt of the terminal. Parking here is absolutely forbidden, and drop-offs are extremely time-limited to just a few minutes. The vehicle must also be attended at all time (no disappearing to find a trolley!). Newark airport car services can help you unload or load luggage quickly and efficiently, knowing exactly where to be to get you closest to your check-in desk, with a trolley, and minimum stress.

The Benefits of Using a Newark Car Service:

  • Direct access to the terminal.
  • Shorter distances to walk and manage luggage.
  • Expert local knowledge ensuring you make your flight on time, every time.
  • Expert local knowledge ensuring you are never left waiting after a tiring flight.
  • No taxi queues.
  • No public transport restrictions such as timings, or discomfort.
  • No parking costs.
  • No security concerns about your vehicle.

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What to Look for in Your Newark Airport Car Service

Whilst it makes sense to choose a car service when arriving at, or departing from, Newark, not all Newark Airport Car Services are a good as each other.

You need to choose a Newark Airport Car Service which has:

  • Proven reputation for reliable and efficient pick-ups and drop-offs and a guaranteed system for no-rushing.
  • A philosophy of Zero Waiting Time, with a system which enables this based on flight tracking, regardless of flight delays.
  • The best in-fleet technology with mapping and routing software to ensure they are always on time.
  • The best local experts who know the finer details of Newark Airport to make your journey stress-free from start to finish.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • A range of fleet vehicles suited to your needs, with comfort and luxury a given.
  • Experienced and vetted professional drivers with regular license checks and comprehensive insurance.
  • Clear pricing which doesn’t pass on parking costs to you.
  • Curbside or Terminal Greeting at your choice.

Bergen Limo have over 20 years operating a Newark Airport Car Service, and have established a powerful reputation for stress-free luxury airport services. Reliability and professionalism is at the heart of our Newark Airport Car Service, and we offer a range of vehicles, including limos, for your transfer. We believe in fair and reasonable prices for a hassle-free journey. Get an online quote today for your Newark Airport Car Service, or call us on -201-703-7979.

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