Why You Need to Rent a Party Bus

Hiring any kind of luxury chauffeured transport is always an exciting experience and there are lifetime memories to take away from a ride in any limousine whether it’s a Cadillac, a Lincoln or a Ford Expedition.

There’s one vehicle in particular though which stands head and shoulders above the rest – quite literally – when you crave a unique way to travel and to be able to tell friends in the future about your incredible day. This vehicle is a party bus and whether it’s for a birthday, bachelorette party, prom or wedding it should be at the top of the list when you’re looking for the ultimate way to feel like a celebrity.


Size matters


To make the prospect of renting the coolest kind of limousine available even more exciting, there’s the added thrill of knowing that there’s not one, but two choices of size when it comes to finding the best way to ride like an A-lister.


There’s now a 30 seater and a 50 seater party bus available and it really does mean that however large the guest list wanting to spend the day and night together celebrating is, there’s now no need to rent an extra fleet vehicles for occasions.

Each party bus has enough space for all those who step inside to be able to lay back in their seat, relax and stretch their legs out knowing their outfit won’t be crumpled and creased when the doors open again. They’ll also know that when the doors do open, there will be admiring glances from the inevitable onlookers to these fantastic limousines.


Ultimate interior


Traveling in style to a prom, restaurant or bar is one thing, but being able to ride in a limousine which is actually also a nightclub is another. As soon as you step inside a party bus you’ll have your breath momentarily taken away by the one-off interior complete with luxury seating, fiber optics, laser show and personal disco. That’s not everything however as with the lighting to dance the night away comes the need for great music and your party bus has the best digital audio technology on the market. You even have the chance to have your own music collection played through the fantastic speaker system with just the handing over of a USB of the coolest grooves to the chauffeur.

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Really make a statement


Heading off to your prom, you’ll know that many class mates or college friends will also be renting a limousine to make their red carpet arrival. It’s an occasion to be different though and stand out amongst the other vehicles which will be at the venue.

Only a party bus gives you the sensation of style you deserve and with the choice of models to seat even the largest groups in comfort and luxury, whether you choose the funky Ford or the hunky Hummer from you know you’re heading for a once in a lifetime occasion. Check out our fleet of limos here.

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