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Why You Need a Party Bus this New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in New Jersey is a spectacular night. Parties are everywhere, revelers take to the streets to welcome in the New Year, making for an exciting and enjoyable time for everyone. If you are going to a party – and this is the night to get your dancing shoes on and have a ball – you will most likely take a cab. Driving is not a choice of you want a drink, and it can be expensive to book a ride on this unique night of the year.

Well, we have news for you: Bergen Limo offers a choice of spectacular party buses, ready to take you and your crowd to wherever you may be going in New Jersey and New York, and at affordable rates. Our luxuriously appointed buses are real head-turners, and will get you noticed wherever you are going. No more waiting for a cab, no more guests getting lost or being late; you and all your friends can travel to the destination in real style – the party starts when you get on board the Bergen Limo Party Bus!


Choose the Right Party Bus


At Bergen Limo, we like to make sure our guests have the time of our life, so whichever of our buses you choose, you will be travelling in luxury. A popular choice is the spectacular and outrageous Hummer Transformer. This enormous vehicle will get you seen like nothing else; arriving at your destination with your entire crew in the Hummer Transformer is the best way to make a memorable entrance, and we guarantee you will be the most talked-about crowd in the place.

nj-ny-party-bus (2)

The Hummer is a truly special bus with a stunning sound system, fiber optic lights, a luxury interior and space for as many as 30 people, so we can pick up all your friends and take you to wherever you need to go in New Jersey. It’s the best ride around, and one that you will never forget!

If there are more than 30 of you then we recommend the 50-seater Ford F750, a truly remarkable party bus with an equally amazing interior, and the capability to turn heads wherever it goes.


Let Us Take the Strain


Hiring one of our party buses brings many benefits: everyone can have a drink safely, and you are all guaranteed to arrive at the party at the same time. We have a real passion for making sure our customers get excellent treatment, and we know how to get a party started! Travelling on New Year’s Eve in luxury and comfort makes the evening even more special, so you can rely on Bergen Limo to give you the most memorable New Year’s Eve ever.

You can find further information on our party bus solutions and services here, as well as details of rates and other specifics. We’re here to help you welcome the New Year in real style, so get in touch now, and make your evening complete.

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