Limo terminology for us mere mortals

Why is a chauffeur called a chauffeur? Do you know the difference between an 8 pack and a 10 pack? No neither did we until we delved into the unknown and sometimes complex world of Limousines. So here we have a little handy guide for us mere mortals who didn’t know the difference between a 120 and a 180. Just in case you ever needed to know what the difference was.

100:  A vehicle that has had its wheelbase stretched by 100 inches from the original factory vehicle size. Typically a 100 will seat 7 people.

120:  A vehicle that has been stretched by 120 inches from the original vehicle wheelbase, typically a 120 will seat 8 passengers.

180:  Yes, you’ve guessed it ;)… Typically seating up to 12 people.

10, 6 or 8 pack: The amount of passengers a limousine will carry – nothing to do with beer or the state of a gentleman’s stomach.

Chauffeur: Often called a driver in modern times. The name chauffeur comes from the French ‘stoker’. The word originates from the days of operating steam engines.

Limousine: A vehicle that has been extended with a separate compartment for the driver. The word originates from the province of Limoges in France.

Stretch Limo: A vehicle that has been stretched beyond its factory size to accommodate more passengers. Typically up to 6, 8, 10 or 12 passengers.

Super Stretch Limo: A vehicle that has been stretched even more beyond its factory size to carry up to 14 passengers.

Sedan: The name for a car suitable of carrying up to 4 passengers. Sedan or saloon is usually a word used on the European continent and is the basic vehicle type that most limousines are created from.

SUV Limo: The big boys of the Limo world. SUV Limos are basically 4 wheel drive vehicles that have been converted to carry more passengers. The stretch Hummer is a SUV Limo.

Sub-Woofer: The big ass sound system commonly adorning most modern day Limo’s. Usually with the volume turned up beyond comprehension when used on a bachelorette party.

On ice: A term to indicate that a liquid, usually of the bubbled or alcoholic variety, is chilling.

Collection: A term used to describe a limos record selection. Will usually include an assortment of girl pop bands and one hit wonders.

Convenience bag: Often necessary after too much champagne or in the event of motion sickness. A convenience bag is the common sick bag to you and I.

Caddy: A shortened version of the word Cadillac

Chevy: Another world for a Chevrolet

H2: The model of a Hummer, commonly transformed into a stretch Hummer – that are consequently available in pink, black, white and yellow by us. They’re larger than life and beautiful.

Driver: Also known as chauffeur. The person responsible for your safe arrival at your destination. Usually a driver will have the patience of a Saint.

ETA: Estimated time of Arrival.

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