It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Prom

Your prom later this year may feel as if it’s still a lifetime away with it currently being the depths of winter. There may still be a few months before you have the opportunity to dress up and let your hair down with those in your school year, but now is the time to start thinking about – and booking certain elements of the occasion such as how much you are going to spend, what you want to wear and how you’re going to turn heads by arriving in the ultimate luxury transport.

Overall budget

The average amount spent on a prom night is now over $1000; a sizeable amount for anyone to budget for so getting the money together as soon as you can will relieve the pressure later down the line when you’re wanting accessories such as a corsage or you change your mind at the last minute on the pair of shoes you want to wear. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have this kind of money; there’s lots of ways to cut back and still look a million dollars. Look for your dress in outlet stores where you’ll find outfits which are only one season old, ask your Mom if she has any friends who work in the beauty industry and can style your hair or apply your make-up and ask around neighbors if they need any help washing cars or assistance with the gardening to make some extra money.


Luxury transport to make you feel like a star is one of the most important parts of your prom experience. The choices you have are to either:

  • Travel alone
  • Travel with your date
  • Arrive with a small group of close friends
  • Organize for many of your class to travel together

If you want to travel alone or with a date, the 1956 Excalibur is ideal. It’s elegant, stylish and will be very different to the standard stretch limos many will opt for. It’s also a very romantic option for dating couples. If you have a small group of friends you’ve known since you were very young, it’s a fitting way to forge even stronger friendship links by traveling together to the prom. The Lincoln Navigator is not only incredibly cool and funky in terms of limousines available, it’s got lots of space to stretch out in so your outfit won’t be crushed and creased on arrival. For a larger group who really want to get the party started early, the Hummer Transformer Party Bus is the ultimate in prom travel. An onboard disco, light show and fiber optics await you and up to 29 of your friends. hummer-transformer-new-jersey-762x456


You may have an idea already about the dress you want to wear but until you’ve tried on a number of styles you’ll never really know. With the sales still in full swing since Christmas, there’s still time to grab a winter bargain. Mall stores will still have some of the party ranges on the racks so head there soon to get a fantastic outfit

What to do next

Have a look at your current situation regarding how much savings you have, how you can make the extra cash and start talking to your family about the funds needed. Take your friends shopping for the day to the mall or to an outlet center and start trying on dresses to find out the style which suits you the best and contact Bergen Limo to get a great price on luxury limousine transport. The earlier you start organizing the big day, the sooner you can relax and wait for the tickets to be on sale knowing you’re way ahead of the rest and have it all in hand.

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