How to Plan the Perfect Quinceañeras in New Jersey

Accounting for over one fifth of New Jersey’s population, Hispanics have a fabulous tradition in Quinceañeras. This high octane celebration recognizes a girl’s 15th birthday as the time when she comes of age. Often dreamed about since Preschool, we’re seeing increasing popularity for booking a fabulous Quinceañeras to rival any traditional Sweet Sixteen.

So, how do you plan the perfect Quinceañeras in New Jersey?

How To Plan The Perfect Quinceañeras

Dreaming of your Quinceañeras

Start by thinking about what you want from the celebration and your expectations. Alongside this, think about your budget. Many Hispanic families spend more on the Quinceañeras than a wedding, but make sure you have it all clearly laid out at the earliest stage. Organize who the padrinos or sponsors are and make sure everyone is happy with the budget.

Work out the date on which you will celebrate. If the 15th birthday falls on a weekend, this makes an easy choice. Alternatively, go for a nearby date to suit.

If you are having a church service, then this is the first thing that should be booked. Making sure the date is fixed with the minister allows you to plan everything else.

Choose the party location

With the date and service times in order, you can then think about venue hire. You can choose from a traditional hotel venue, or somewhere more unique. Choose a Party Bus either as transport to your venue from the church or as the party venue itself.

A party bus has huge advantages for a Quinceañeras celebration. It is an affordable option which can be tailored to suit your theme. Specifically, catering to 15-year-olds and their friends, a Party Bus is a safe and contained option, bringing peace of mind to parents.

What else do you need to plan and book?

Once the above steps are in place, it’s time to think about all the details which make the Quinceañeras special. Think about catering and entertainment. Again, a party bus rental can really come into its own here. Onboard entertainment can be tailored to you, along with drinks and food.

Don’t forget to book a photographer, and a videographer if you want one. Choose cakes and party themes. Popular themes include recent favorite movies or hobbies of the Quinceañeras herself.

As the date gets closer, it’s also time for the Quinceañeras to choose her dress as well as her final guest list. This should include her honor escort and court of honor. From here, it’s time to order the dama and chambelanes dresses and formal wear.

The perfect Quinceañeras party bus celebration

At Bergen Limo, we have a number of different party bus options which are suitable for a Quinceañeras celebration.

Larger parties may like the white Freightliner party bus which can accommodate up to 50 party goers.  With plush leather interior and formal seating configurations, you can dine while you cruise. In addition, there is an integral laser show with TVs and a DVD player – a chance to showcase memories of the Quinceañeras herself. There’s even a dance pole and bar areas – all incredible features for a Quinceañeras party with a difference.

Smaller parties can enjoy a tour around NYC or another area of your choice in a Hummer Transformer. These party buses have an open-air section at the rear for cruising the streets. They are equipped with impressive sound systems, disco, laser shower, and fiber optics.

Party buses can pick you up from home or the church, or multiple locations if you prefer. They can be used as part of your day of celebrations, on hand when you need them, or as the venue itself. We work with you to plan your perfect celebration.

To book your New Jersey Quinceañeras with a party bus call us on 1-201-703-7979

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