How to choose an airport limousine service

Hiring a limousine for an airport run for VIP guests and clients is the modern way to project an image of corporate professionalism. Relying on a taxi which may not arrive when required or – even worse – expecting important contacts to use a shuttle bus to a drop-off point doesn’t give the right impression and could mean the difference between an important deal being achieved – or not. The solution is to use a limousine service to pick up and drop off those industry influencers you want to do business with. Choosing the right limousine company though can be tricky if it’s not something you’ve done in the past so here’s what to look for.


The limousine company you choose must by law have a license number. It’s required by State legislation and without one the company is not allowed to operate.

Length of time in business

Whilst there are new companies opening all the time managed perhaps by former drivers with a number of years’ experience, the best choice to make is an airport car service NJ has been proud of over the last couple of decades like Bergen Limo. This way you know you’re opting for expertise, knowledge and reliability and when you need the CEO picking up from the airport you can relax and have peace of mind that a great looking car will be there on time with a courteous and smart chauffeur waiting in the arrivals hall.


It’s vital that anyone who travels in a limousine is safe and should there be an accident then the correct insurance is in place. All cars in the fleet should have commercial vehicle insurance. Depending on the type of limousine, it should carry at least $750,000 in liability cover and if it’s over eight seats then it requires $1,500,000.

Being able to inspect the fleet

A reputable limousine car hire company will be happy to invite you to their premises to inspect the vehicles. Look at the general condition to know you would be happy for an important visitor to travel in it. Check out the interior areas such as the upholstery and that it’s in good order and if it has extra features such as a sound system, ask to hear it whilst you’re there. As a second option, if you’re geographically too far away to see the fleet yourself, ask for interior and exterior shots of your chosen car to be sent via email or check out their website.


The driver of the limousine is not only representing the hire company, they are representing your business whilst they are chauffeuring your clients. They should be polite, respectful, have excellent knowledge of the area you want to visit and be on time. Well dressed and experienced road users, they should be on hand early to greet flights and arrive well before they are required to return to the airport. Whether you need to meet someone who has flown into Newark, Teterboro, LaGuardia or JFK, it’s vital to have a professional limousine company there. Whether the flight arrives at 1am or you need to arrange the transport of a senior colleague from their hotel at 6am, a limousine company with all the correct legal documentation in place as well as a choice fleet of vehicles is the one to be contacting to make a reservation.

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