Five of the craziest things that have ever happened in a Limo

A limousine isn’t just a vehicle built with pleasure in mind, it can also encourage the very best and worst from people, so let’s take a break and consider some of the unusual if not outright mad activities that have taken place in the world’s most exquisite rides.

1) Midnight rapper delight

When Seth Rogan was confronted by Kanye West in the lobby of a hotel at midnight, things could have got awkward, fast. After all, this was just a few months after he and James Franco had released their interpretation for West’s video for Bound 2 (in which Rogan played Kim Kardashian). Anything could have been expected to happen. Well, anything other than the grizzly-voiced comedy actor being welcomed into the back of Kanye’s limousine to hear his new album in its entirety. The beats were played from a laptop, but the only way to hear the lyrics was to have the rapper freestyle rap them live – for over two whole hours. “It was one of the most surreal experiences of my entire life,” Rogan would later tell Howard Stern. No doubt. Seth Rogan-Bound 2

2) Trapped with a parent

It’s 4am, October 9th, 2012, and you and your mom have just left a New York City nightclub and have climbed into a limousine to be driven to your Long Island home. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, you’re Lindsay and you’re mom is Dina Lohan, so pretty much everything. First there was a disagreement as to whether or not the limo should take them to a hotel instead. Then there was a small matter of the $40,000 Lindsay had leant Dina that she threatened to take back. Naturally there was a physical fight in which mother drew blood from her daughter’s legs, and then a call from the daughter to the father to explain that mom was high on drugs and attempting a kidnapping, although when cops were called they only bothered to file a domestic incident report. lindsay-lohan-and-her-mother-partying

3) Stretch a movie

Limousines are luxurious, spacious vehicles designed to offer the maximum of comfort in mind. They’re famously big, and famously smooth. What they’re not, however, is famously suited to offering an exciting location for an entire 109 minute drama-thriller movie, unless the idea is to bore the face of your audience. Not that writer, director and producer David Chronenberg cared about such concerns. Instead he sat Robert Paterson in the back of a state-of-the-art limo, stuck in a Manhattan traffic jam, made 2012’s Cosmopolis, and expected anyone to care. But not only did he go on earn a Palme d’Or nomination, he also proved to the world that Patterson could actually act. Cosmopolis

4) Battling crime

When it comes to being crazy you don’t get much crazier than someone who dresses as a winged rodent just so they can fight crime, and so this BatLimo just has to make the list. For all we know Bruce Wayne, or someone who believes that they are Bruce Wayne, is in it right now, having his wounds stitched-up by Alfred , or someone paid a lot of cash money to pretend that they’re Alfred. That said, you could be perfectly sound of mind, sit in the back of it and have a cup of tea, and that would be slightly crazy too. It’s the Batmobile as a limousine for goodness sake. That’s nuts. Batmobile

5) Making an entrance

Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali loved to paint pictures of melting clocks and elephants on stilts and once turned up to a lecture in a full deep-sea diving suit, and turned a lobster into telephone. You’d actually have quite a task working out what he did within any given day that could be regarded as normal, which might be why his treatment of a Rolls-Royce limousine might be seen as slightly disappointing. He could have outfitted it with an octopus interior, or had its seats replaced with live bison. What he actually did was arrive at a speech in 1955 with one that was absolutely filled with cauliflowers, just because he liked their shape. Lobster Telephone 1936 Salvador Dal? 1904-1989 Purchased 1981

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