Events not to be missed in New Jersey in 2015

New Jersey is a vibrant and culturally enriched state to visit and with events taking place all year round, now is the time to start planning your vacation to ensure you book the best seats in the house and to start to create a tour map of things not to be missed.

4th International Great Beer Expo; 31 January

Great Beer ExpoIf you’re passionate about beer then head to this tasting extravaganza where you can try over 150 different beers from around the world. The 4th International Great Beer Expo is taking place at Harmon Meadow, Secaucus and is the only place you’ll have such a selection of beverages from such a wide range of nations. There’s obviously going to be some great American beers you can try, but you’ll also find brews from Mexico, Belgium, Indonesia, Poland Sweden and China amongst many others. Tickets are now on sale and if you really want to become involved, you can volunteer to help with various aspects of the day.

Tri-State New Jersey Beast; 18 April

Spartan - New Jersey BeastThis is a huge event for those who want to push their physical limits. Known as Spartans, athletes make their way to Mountain Creek Resort where the usual winter skis and snowboards are replaced with a spring time 12 mile all-terrain race. Those brave enough to take on the challenge will face steep inclines and rocky single path descents with an early start of 7.30am. Organisers encourage those who take part to bring family, friends and co-workers to encourage their progress as waves of 250 elite explorers set off every 15 minutes to head to a maximum  elevation of 571 feet. Whilst not an event to take part in for the untrained, it’s a great occasion to support amongst stunning scenery.

New Jersey Motorsports

There’s a breathtakingly exciting line-up of events planned at the New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) for 2015. Head to Milville for adrenalin-packed competitions such as MotoAmerica, the Vintage Motorcycle Festival and the ARCA Racing Series. If you’re a huge fan and plan to visit a number of times across the next 12 months, you can buy a season ticket so you can plan your vacations around both national and international races. There’s plenty of free to attend excitement taking place as well including the Champtruck World Series & Chumptruck World Series on 24 April. ChampTruck is open to anyone who wants to take part whether they have raced before or not, so if you’ve a six-wheeler outside your home, give it a spin at Milville and you never know – you may take first prize. If you’ve always had a dream to take part in a race but don’t have the cash of a professional team car, then ChumpTrucks is the event for you. It’s aimed at the average driver who has always wanted to drive their car – fast – in a competitive environment. Add in occasions such as the world’s largest Steampunk Fair in May and the Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Race in July, New Jersey is the only place to visit when you want to explore your own interests or discover some new hobbies to take up.

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