Date Night – Why Not Take A Limo?

Date night is creeping up, and whether you’re feeling enthused at another chance to spend one-on-one time with your love, or are once again wracking your mind for fresh ideas, we’ve got the solution for you. There’s one ever-occurring problem when you consider a date night in New Jersey: transport. By getting Bergen Limos, a limo service in NJ, along for the ride, you solve the transport issue, and have an incredible time. To see how factoring in limo rental NJ in to your date night, without feeling like three’s a crowd, read on.


Date Nights New Jersey

The great news is that in New Jersey we are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to date nights. Whether you want a night on the town in Newark or New York, or want to head to the coast, or go horseback riding, or indulge your foodie passions – we’ve got it. However, come down to the planning of date night and all of a sudden someone has to pull the short straw of driving.

No matter how you, as a couple, manage the transport issue – it is an issue. With one of you driving you’re wasting valuable alone time, facing a parking problem, and never able to share a drink together. It makes for an unbalanced kind of evening. That’s before stopping and realizing that an awful lot of couple’s arguments are car and driving related. Not much good for romance.

With a limo NJ the problem is solved.

Privacy and Romance

Hire a regular cab and you’re stuck with the driver’s choice of tunes, a cramped ride, and the need to make small talk with someone other than your sweetheart. With a limo service in NJ you get someone to take away the transport headache whilst also ensuring your privacy in luxury-style. Both of you get to kick back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

Where To Go On Date Night In New Jersey By Limo

When choosing limo rental NJ for your date night, you get to chink your glasses together before you’ve even got to your destination – or perhaps the limo NJ is your destination.

Our top picks for the best date nights in New Jersey by limo are:

  • Relax and be pampered together at a Day Spa such as the 5-star Zahara Day Spa in Newark. You won’t lose your sublime calm by facing Newark roads when you choose a limo, we’ll keep that feeling going right up to your front door.
  • Design your own label on a bottled-by-yourselves bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar at The Grape Escape in Dayton. Then enjoy a romantic lunch, or even a spot of wine-tasting where you’ll both be able to partake.
  • Pack a picnic and head to one of New Jersey’s more secluded, yet beautiful, beaches. There’s nothing quite as romantic as sipping fizz together on the sand or paddling in the shallows. Well, until you realize you can continue the luxury seclusion heading home too in your NJ limo. Try Stone Harbor Point, Pearl Beach, Turtle Beach, or Diamond Beach for a really wonderful and secluded picnic spot.
  • Head for a relaxing meal at Rat’s Restaurant, New Jersey’s top romantic restaurant according to Time Out. With its French country vibe, and an amble in their sculpture garden, a date night in a limo is perfect here.
  • Enjoy an evening at the theatre at either the Kirby in Madison, or Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, or another one of New Jersey’s huge range of theatres. Check out show times here, and with a limo NJ we’ll be sure you’re on time for curtains up!
  • Lastly, why not choose for a truly luxury date with a hot air balloon ride with a limo ride to and from. You can both indulge in champagne in the air, and won’t come back down to earth with a bump. We particularly recommend Alexandria Balloon Flights in Pittstown, or Hunterdon Ballooning in Flemington.

Choose Limo Rental NJ For Your Date Night

At Bergen Limo, we’re used to doing the proms, the corporate events, and a whole host of bachelorette parties, but we’re also there in your corner for date night. We are a first class limo service in NJ ready to give you and your other half a night to remember – for all the right reasons. Book your date night limo today by calling 1-201-703-7979.

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