Choosing the Right Limo for the Occasion

There’s a wide range of different limousines available to hire now – from classic Cadillac limos in gleaming white through to a vintage Excalibur or one-off wacky vehicles which have been custom made.

With all the choices out there, it can be confusing which one is the best for you. The way to make the decision is to think about the number of people you will be sharing the transport with, the event you’re traveling to, how long you’ll be in the limousine for and the on-board features which will really make the ride feel even more incredible. Wedding

Traveling to and from your wedding means arriving in style and with a touch of classic glamour. You’ll desire an environment of grandeur for you and your groom and the perfect choice would be a 1956 vintage Excalibur. White would obviously be the color of choice and you’d be accompanied by an immaculately turned out chauffeur. Enjoy the intimacy of a small but stunning looking limousine designed for the perfect couple to share a glass of champagne after leaving the ceremony to head to the reception.


The majority of teenagers want to arrive in style to their prom. For this, you need a vehicle of stature and presence which would make the Hummer H2 the perfect choice. Opt for a bright pink model and either travel alone or arrive with up to 24 of your friends with the sound system pumping out your favorite tunes and the addition of a red carpet to take you right to the door of your venue and you’ll see every tiara turn in your direction for 50 meters around you.

Airport transfer

Stepping off a plane after a long flight, you’ll want to travel to your hotel in a relaxing environment. If you have business colleagues accompanying you or clients you are hosting, a stretched limousine in classic black invokes an image of sophisticated professionalism. Look for a hire company which can provide a 24 hour service and monitors flights and can also guarantee that a chauffeur will be waiting for you as you step through into the Arrivals hall.

Sweet Sixteen

Turning 16 means it’s time to celebrate with all those you love and it’s the perfect occasion to splash out on a means of transport which is going to really show everyone that you’ve arrived and you’re ready to party. If you want a vehicle to travel to your reception party, choose one which oozes glamour such as a Cadillac or if you’ve decided to spend your Sweet Sixteen on the road with your friends, the Party Bus is the only way to travel. You and up to 30 friends can cruise the streets of New York  for the day and evening with a number of stops along the way to see the sights, have some great food and then enjoy the on-board laser show as the sun goes down and the party really starts to get going. For many people, hiring a limousine is a dream come true, so make it the right choice for the occasion and you’ll never forget the day you felt like a true star.

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