Building the perfect party bus

The party bus is a completely new concept, something that seems quite bizarre on paper. This brand new and innovative idea is set to change the way that people travel and party. There is something quite appealing about watching the world go by through tinted windows, watching people gasp in awe as our NJ party buses push on through the blocks of cities. You can almost hear the whispers of onlookers. “Who are they?”, “Maybe it’s a celebrity?” Nope. It’s just you and a bunch of your friends living the celebrity lifestyle for one night. So what makes our party buses so special? Absolutely everything! From our service to the kit that is in these unique buses, everything has been thought of for your absolute comfort so sit back, enjoy the ride and be a celebrity for one night.

party-bus-ford-f750-nj (9)



Lighting is something that we wanted to make a big deal out of. It is all well and good having a party going with banging tunes coming from a state of the art sound system but it loses its appeal and atmosphere if there is no lighting. No-one wants to party in a dark room do they? So we fitted our party buses with fiber optic lighting which can be changed to suit the mood of your guests. Colors ultimately set the mood and atmosphere instantly so whether you want a laid back journey or one where you can really pump the music up and dance, we have the lighting that will suit.

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Probably considered one of the most important aspects of our party buses our music system is state of the art. The full length of our buses are kitted out with some of the best speakers available to ensure that every guests from the front to the rear of the bus gets the full party effect. You choose the music and we play it. Simple.




Another aspect of our NY party buses that set us apart from many others is our TV screens. We thought to ourselves why not place TV screens the full length of the bus. This great feature means that no matter where you are sitting you can get full effect of whatever it is on the screen. Some people choose music videos, while others prefer a film. Just like the music, you choose it, we will play it. It doesn’t matter if it is Game of Thrones, The Lion King or the very newest music video by Drake, we can pop it on for you to enjoy.




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Something that we really wanted to make a show of was our seating. It is just so plush and comfortable it would be easy to fall asleep on them. Each cushion has been carefully upholstered to provide the utmost in comfort. We have also been quite generous with our seating, fitting luxurious sofa style seating throughout the length and width of our amazing party buses to ensure that you can spread out and enjoy the ride.




Fun is important. Let’s be honest, you are not travelling on a party bus rental to not have fun. For this reason we have a fully kitted out bar to accommodate a few glasses of bubbly on your journey. We have also added poles, for a little extra oomph. Once everything is rolled together; music, lighting, TV’s and seating we have created a luxurious vehicle that will provide endless memories and endless fun. We just hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

For more information about our big party buses, please go to our party bus rental page.

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