Add A Personal Touch To Your Party Bus With These Must-Have Decorations

A NY party bus rental makes almost every occasion all that much more exciting. Guests are impressed by the idea of mobile drinking, luxury seating, and the sheer brazenness of the entire adventure. There can be little argument that in terms of fun, few things can compare.

Party Bus Rental In New Jersey

There is, however, one addition to the situation that could enhance their experience further and even let you undoubtedly ‘own’ the night as something uniquely yours. While a soiree on a party bus is fun, having a bash on one decorated by you in whatever theme you desire takes the night that extra mile.

Decorating the interior of the bus adds personality. As long as you discuss your ideas with us first, feel free to let your imagination run wild and turn your NY party bus into a night inside your fantasy setting.

To help you think up some fun ideas, here are a few of our favorite themes:

A Beach Party

No matter the time of year, your guests will think it’s Spring Break when they hop aboard the mobile beach party.

Add A Personal Touch To Your Party Bus With These Must-Have Decorations

Nothing sells the idea of a beach more than sand. While filling the bus with sand is not really an option, a responsibly overseen sandbox may be feasible. Otherwise, the impression of such an environment can be achieved by dotting the area with associated apparel such as sand castle buckets, beach balls, and inflatable palm trees. Flower garlands for guests, fruit cocktails, and some strategically placed beach towels will also help.

Guests should be encouraged to turn up in shorts, Hawaiian shirts, shades, or even swimwear for the more daring. Remember that face paint makes for a wonderfully impractical but visually interesting sunblock.

The 1980s

Take your guests back to a decade of big hair, big shoulders pads, and even bigger stadium rock when they step aboard a NY party bus time machine. Sure, a flying DeLorean might be ideal thematically, but let’s face it you’re not going to fit everyone from the office in one, even if Todd from accounts can’t make it.

Disco may have died a slow painful death in the 80s, but the disco ball was still very much the centerpiece of any worthy dancefloor, so be sure to include one. Keep guests busy with Rubik’s cubes, a collection of horrifically styled wigs and an inflatable boom box.

Guests should be encouraged to rummage through the loft for leg warmers, classic trainers, and brightly colored plastic fashion jewelry, unless of course they have a favorite 80s pop star they want to emulate.

Disney Party

We all know at least one person who is crazy for all things Disney.

Add A Personal Touch To Your Party Bus With These Must-Have Decorations

Fortunately, Mickey is one of the most business savvy mice in the world, and so there is an abundance of Disney-themed decorative items available for parties. From dangling mouse ear honeycombs and Beauty and the Beast tablecloths to Minnie Mouse party cups and Princess photo booths, you’ll have no trouble finding items for a Disney party.

Do you think party buses in NY, decorated whatever way you want them, sound fun? If you’re the kind of host that loves to maximize your guests’ experiences then find out more about our party bus service or call us on 1-201-703-7979 today.

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