20 Cars which should never have been transformed into a limousine

The rich and famous use limousines to show their wealth and status and those not on the Hollywood A-List use them as luxury transport for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Over the years, there have been some fantastic limousine designs launched onto the market which ooze class, style and grandeur. There are also some which call for ridicule, laughter and rather a large number of question marks as to the thinking behind why it was manufactured as a serious competitor to the more classic and traditional models of limousine.

1. 350HP Monster Limousine

What this gains in size, it loses out in any kind of style or subtlety. It’s not a vehicle for anyone wearing a fitted prom dress or heels – there’s just no way to make a graceful entry or exit from this beast in Arizona! Monster Truck Limo

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2. 435 HP Midnight Rider Limousine

For those wanting the ultimate in lack of subtlety and don’t mind the cost of paying any extra tolls for overweight vehicles, this semi-truck tractor trailer limousine is the one for anyone wanting to party and for everyone to know they are driving by. It’s the heaviest limousine in the world and comes complete with staff and 3 lounges, each complete with an ear-thumping 1800 watt sound system. Midnight Rider Limo

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3. Armoured Vault Limousine

Unless you’re combining your trip to your wedding day with a major bank robbery, there’s not much which can really persuade any bride to be that this is the classy transport she’s looking for. It comes complete with a neon light show inside as well a fully stocked bar. Armoured Limo

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4. Boeing 727 Limousine

Any car enthusiast can only shake their head in confusion at the thought processes behind emulating a jumbo jet into a limousine design. It can seat 50, is road legal and is ‘only’ $100,000 per month to hire. It’s also currently for sale for $1,000,000 if you really think it is the only way to travel in style.

Boeing 727 Limo

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5. Caravan Limousine

We aren’t quite sure how many pitches you’ll be charged for if you turn up at your local camp site with this as your pied-à-terre for the weekend as it’s rather longer in length than your standard 4 berth. For such a length of car, it seems that bed space may be a little cramped if you’re carrying a full passenger load. Caravan Limo

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6. Frog Limousine

Imagine the scene – you’re waiting at airport arrivals dressed in your Armani suit with your important clients. You’ve flown them in to show them round your new manufacturing plant and to increase the feeling of professional grandeur you’ve arranged for a limousine to pick them up. To everyone’s surprise this “stunning” Frog Limo turns up and to increase the embarrassment it comes complete with “discrete chauffeur”! Frog Limo

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7. Dual Nosed Escalade

The only question really to ask here is ‘why?’ as this push me, pull me limousine lacks any kind of redeeming feature other than perhaps being able to wave at the traffic behind if you’re in the back half. Or the front half. Whichever way it happens to be travelling at the time. Dual Nosed Escalade

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8. Harley Davidson

True bikers would rather hitch a ride on a classic Harley to their wedding than suffer the embarrassment of being perched on the top of this unusual conversion. Yes, the wind may rush through your hair, but it won’t stop you being able to hear the chuckles of passing bikers on your way to the ceremony.

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9. Skoda Limousine

For the hen night with a budget closer to beer than champagne, this Skoda limousine is going to turn heads – for the wrong reasons. Let’s hope it starts each time you leave a location as it’s going to take quite a push to get it going again if the battery goes flat. Scoda Limousine

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10. Trabant Limousine

Another old car which wasn’t exactly reliable in its prime. Hire this and ensure someone has breakdown recovery they can contact when you need to get it started at the end of the night. Trabant Limousine

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11. Tank Limousine

A limousine should be about understated luxury and comfortable majesty. A tank limousine unfortunately fails to fulfil either feature and any bride trying to get in and out of this tank is going to need some kind of hoisting equipment. Tank Limousine

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12. World’s Longest Limousine

If your sweet sixteen is coming up, your transportation to your party won’t be complete without a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a number of beds to have a quick sleep on the way and a helipad just in case you need to have access to one. It’s a vehicle with 26 tyres so plenty of spares if one suffers a puncture, but the biggest problem could be actually travelling in it if you live in a cul de sac and there’s also a slight issue with trying to complete a 3-point turn. Worlds Longest Limousine

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13. Prius Limousine

The Prius already has a less than glittering image even though there are worthy intentions behind the thinking of this popular hybrid vehicle. The decision to produce a limousine version is an unusual one with its main marketing message being that it is a compact eco-friendly vehicle. Prius Limousine

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14. F1 GP Limousine

An F1 car is sleek, aero-dynamic and completely at one with the driver. Add a hen party and the sleek image is lost as they try to climb in and out of the tiny seats without falling. Let’s hope that it doesn’t rain on the night they want to look their best when cruising through town. GP f1 Limousine

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15. Corvette

The classic low-slung American dream sports car which has graced many an upmarket location over the years lends nothing to being an accessible limousine, even at over 7 metres long – particularly for those who want to use it for on an-board party due to the distinguishing lack of height. Corvette Limousine

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16. Lada

Russian cars and sleek, stylish lines were never comments which went hand in hand in the 1970s. With some Lada models only house a 900cc engine in a heavy estate car, the designer who managed to gain approval for a limousine version must have had his fingers crossed it managed to climb its first hill when out on its first test drive. Lada Limousine

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17. Robin Reliant

One to be left to the Del Boy party goers, the Robin Reliant was less than reliable when going around corners and more likely to be left rocking on its side than remaining upright. The decision to stretch it to a limousine is one which left many scratching their heads as to why make it even less stable than when it started? Robin Reliant Limo

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18. Ford Capri

Once the boy racer car of its day, the Ford Capri became a symbol of kitsch along with fluffy dice and windscreen name decals.  It’s now possible to dig out the Ra-Ra skirts and head off to a hen night in a limousine which would have excited all Capri owners.

Ford Capri Limousine

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19. Fiat 500

A stretched Fiat 500 does at least mean that the bride can fit herself and her dress into the car on the way to and from the wedding; however the Fiat 500 has a reputation for being unreliable! Fiat 500 Limo

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20. Amish Limousine

Every girl needs transport to her prom and even the Amish way of life has caught on to the modern fashion of using a limousine for this coming of age party. Sparse on luxury, this isn’t a model for anyone expecting the neon lights, fully stocked bar or helipad which feature on other limousines in the market. Amish Limousine

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