10 Ways to Beat the January Blues

With Christmas over, there’s a tendency for the long stretch to Easter to make you feel down in the dumps. The weather isn’t its best, particularly if you’re being pounded with wind off the coast, and it all feels a bit, well, depressing.

So what can you do to kick the January Blues to the curb and make it a month to look forward to?

10 Ways to Beat the January Blues


  1. Get your body clock back on track

We don’t mean to be your mom, but the reality is you’ll feel more tired simply because your body clock got out of routine over Christmas and the New Year. So it’s time to set that alarm clock again, and lull your body back in to its comforting routine.

Even better, at this time of year, use a gradual light alarm clock or sleep cycle app, to ensure you wake more naturally.


  1. Make it a dry January

Over the festive period you probably felt that alcohol lubricated the good times. It probably did, but it’s also been a sure fire way for a month long hangover in January. You’ll feel so much better if you use January as a chance to detox and go alcohol free.


  1. Have something to look forward to

We humans don’t do mundane too well. With a long stretch ahead to summer vacations, book in a treat for yourself before then. Book one of our limos to take you on a special tour to a favorite place. You’ll be excited in the run-up and it’ll deliver the feel-good factor.


  1. Get some light

With darker evenings and mornings, it all gets a bit dismal. Make sure you’re still getting plenty of natural daylight, despite it being the winter months. Head out for a bracing walk on one of the Atlantic coast beaches, or head to a nature reserve. Just get out, get the light on your skin, and you’ll start to feel better.


  1. Take up a new hobby

By the end of 2018, you were probably run ragged and too busy to think. The January blues can settle in because you suddenly have a sense of too much time to spare. Fill it productively by taking up a new hobby or different exercise. Now is the time to set some goals and learn something new.


  1. Volunteer

A definite way to feel better is to get out there in the community and give something back. There are numerous places and charities that need your time. Or perhaps you could help out an elderly neighbor. Maybe surprise someone who has had a tough time with a lavish spa trip using a limo to get there. Put your effort in to making someone else feel good, and you’ll feel good too.


  1. Think about your resolutions

Are you feeling blue because you’ve broken your New Year’s resolutions and you’re not even past the first month? Perhaps those resolutions were unrealistic. Or perhaps you didn’t make them with due incentive or support. It’s time to look at those resolutions again and consider how they can be more achievable.


  1. Look after yourself

Whilst it’s nice to be looked after, the most important caregiver you have is yourself! Make sure, if you’re feeling blue, to spend a bit more time on yourself. Whether that’s making sure you have time for a warm bath with your book, or treating yourself to a massage, you’re worth it!


  1. Eat nutritious food

The gluttony of a year’s end can leave us feeling sluggish. Take a look at your diet and see what’s lacking. Boost your meals with plenty of vibrant veg so that you get lots of vitamins. Each protein-rich foods to keep energy levels up without feeling hungry or resorting to snacks. If you think your diet needs particular attention, perhaps it’s time for a detox?


  1. Talk about it!

Let your friends know you’re feeling the January blues and you’ll quickly discover you’re not alone. Chat to each other and get everyone feeling good again. Perhaps it’s time to book that friend’s night out, so book a limo and have some fun!

January blues can be banished with a little effort and forward planning.

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