10 tips for stress free business travel

While business trips may seem like simple enough exercises they do cotrolley-146574_640ntain a number of aspects that need to be thought through to ensure a smooth experience. We’d say that number is about 10, so whether you’re a seasoned traveller or this is the first time you have ever had to go away on business, you’ll find that these hints and tips will assist you in taking the stress and strain out of your journey.


Preparation is one of the most important things to consider before going anywhere. Ensure that everything is booked properly prior to travelling to prevent any mishaps when you arrive at your destination. Know where you are going, who you are meeting and how you are getting there.

Choose the right luggage:

airport-519020_640Luggage is always a very personal thing and can help or hinder your trip. If you are flying on a budget carrier, remember to check their cabin restrictions before arriving at the airport. There is a huge array of cases available on the market these days, suitable for any journey. Some offer laptop compartments built into a case, which means you won’t have to empty everything out to reach your laptop and so will avoid having to carry extra bags.



Book how you are getting to your destination:white-escalde-limo-5

Trains can often be noisy and taxis are often cramped, but by hiring one of our limousines not only will you arrive in comfort and be utterly relaxed, the extra leg room and space will
allow you to work in peace without worrying about being disturbed. Because our prices are so reasonable, hiring one really won’t cost the earth and you will be guaranteed arrive in style.

Prioritise what is important when packing:

In other words travel as light as possible. There is nothing worse that lugging around clothes that you aren’t going to wear. Think about what you actually need and pack it, anything else can stay at home.

Invest in a garment/suit carrier:

Not all motels and hotels have an iron and a crinkled suit is not going to win you any prizes. A decent method of carrying your business attire may actually be worth its weight in gold, and will most definitely prevent the creasing of shirts and suits and ensure that you make the right impression.

Book a motel or hotel that is close to your end location:gray-street-617250_640

Think about it logically, extra miles mean extra cost and a drag on your time. Yes an outer city or town hotel may be slightly cheaper but in reality it’s false economy. Time is money and taxis will only increase your overheads too.

Ensure your travel wallet is well equipped:

A travel wallet will undoubtedly make your life a little bit easier. By using one to store your relevant travel documents, passport, currency, credit cards, business cards and perhaps a sewing kit (for emergency button repairs) you’ll have a quick and easy access to everything important in a single place.

Take some time to relax a little bit:

Think of travelling on business as a new adventure. You are going to be neither use nor ornament arriving stressed and flustered and so taking 10 minutes every so often to relax will benefit you in the long run.

Having a decent mobile phone with a charger:smartphone-569076_640

Now this may seem like an obvious thing but you’ll be surprised at how often a charger is left at home. Phones these days are pretty amazing things and have been designed to make life easier for us with facilities for note making, checking emails and creating documents. A phone that allows you to make video calls may be brilliant for keeping in touch with your family and if you have children it will be invaluable for speaking to them. A powerless phone is useless.

Put toiletries in a separate bag:toothpaste-29774_640

Ok, this may seem a strange thing to put on a list for stress free travel but  toiletries spilt over your carefully packed clothing and perhaps over your laptop or tablet really won’t make life easy. Think about it, if this happens in a strange city, do you know where the laundrette is? And do you actually need the hassle? Even worse, what damage are they going to do to your electrical items? Also, use a clear plastic bag and place it at the top of your luggage so that it is easy to pull out for security checks.

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